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Sacred Capital Sacred Capital is building the foundations of the Reputation Economy. By leveraging reputation systems, we enable entrepreneurs and individuals to navigate the agent centric universe. We do this through two initiatives: 1. Reputation Labs and 2. The Reputation Interchange. Find out more by checking out the AMA thread. Junto Junto is a new breed of social media that integrates a more consciously designed interface, distributed technology, and a non-profit approach to create a space where people can truly be themselves. Coolcats A rewrite of Clutter with both DNA and UI in Rust, Coolcats is a fully distributed social messaging app built on Holochain. The aim is to have a microblogging platform free of censorship and with accountability and community. Comet Comet is a distributed, Reddit alternative. Posts are created with tags instead of “subreddits,” and are voted on in relation to these tags. Votes can be fractional amounts; the score of a post/comment is determined on a per-person basis, depending on how they have previously voted on the other voters’ content. HoloREA The HoloREA team wants to create a framework for developing economic networks on Holochain. HoloREA will build some apps, but also intends the framework to be usable by any other apps that work in economic networks, supply chains, or joint ventures. RedGrid RedGrid’s journey began with five individuals, united by a common purpose - the vital and immediate need to address climate change, and the need to bring energy access to the people who do not have it. Orion Protocol The Orion Protocol enables cross chain trading, omni-exchange accessibility, and liquidity. It’s a new kind of trading platform that combines the best features of exchanges, brokerages and instant trading apps. Omni Project The Omni Project is helping to bring about complementary forms of scholarly communication. This project is delving into the fundamentals of collective sense-making, including warm data, anti-rivalry (‘omni-win’), sovereignty and metapsychotechnology. MetaCurrency The words “currency” and “current” come from the same Latin verb, correre, meaning “to run.” Crucial for designing community, “current-sees” shape, enable, and measure flows of resources and value. The MetaCurrency Project uses these powerful tools to create solutions that go much deeper than money. We specialize in designing dynamic systems for specific communities and their specific needs. CoGov CoGov fosters the emergence of Collective Intelligence by enabling the rapid iteration of Social Coordination Systems that users design. Our World Imagine playing a game more fun and immersive than Pokémon Go, Minecraft, World of Warcraft and Second Life combined? A game that is not only a lot of fun to play but also teaches you how to look after your wellbeing as well as looking after our beautiful planet. A game that changes the way we think and interact with each other and the world so together we can create a better world for all of us. One where we can come together and help each other for the greater good of all. Holo Host Holo does to web hosting what Airbnb did to hotels—anyone can become a host by turning their computer into a source of revenue, getting paid in HoloFuel for hosting distributed applications. Commons Engine Here at Commons Engine, we want to create markets where we can ‘get mine and grow ours.’ The health of collectives, large and small, depends on peers sharing with peers for mutual benefit. With state of the art digital ledger technology from Holochain, we wager that solving real-world problems begins with acknowledging the invisible actions of the many. Humm Earth Influence-free, beautifully simple peer-to-peer publishing: think of Humm as fully distributed WordPress + Patreon, made for the writers and content creators of the future, powering independent hApps and an intentional community. Jala Jala—Participation That Matters is creating a suite of dApps to support the financially excluded towards an inclusive economy. Ceptr Ceptr is an infinitely scalable, distributed operating system inspired by biomimicry. Its basic computing unit is a highly composable, lightweight virtual machine called a “receptor,” which may be plugged into other receptors to form a fractal-like tree of nested receptors. These receptors communicate with one another exchanging semantic trees; this allows a “protocol for protocols” that ought to virtually eliminate the need for brittle API bridges.
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