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Koru - The people’s money and financing our future

Team size: 1

Description: Koru is a proposed enhanced mutual credit system building off its predecessors to provide a new monetary and governance paradigm. The system has 5 core components:

  • Mutual credit+multihop: Original mutual credit for day to day transactions. For small transactions outside of network we can use RipplePay’s concept for credit clearing.
  • Reputation: Democratically determined creditworthiness. Opportunitiy to work with Neighborhoods cc: @sidsthalekar
  • Intercommunity converter: As published in Credit Commons by @matslats . A method to link communities by converting currencies. Creating a network of currencies tuned to local need rather than a universal currency.
  • Fiat/crypto liquidity pool for on/off ramps: To interface with legacy systems and for mixed community lending.
  • P2P governance: collective decision making for financing businesses, community projects, parameter management.

As an open source P2P project, Koru provides the blueprints and components. The ‘product’ is created, owned and managed by the community. Any additions can be locally created or shared from other communities (ie. quadratic voting, demurrage, etc.).


Website: https://koru.finance/

Whitepaper: Koru Whitepaper - Google Docs

Similar app or site:

  • Cyclos
  • CES
  • Blockchain based governance systems (Ethereum improvement proposals, Cardano Voltaire)
  • Guillem’s PoC mutual credit

I am at:

  • Implementation and fundraising: This project requires a team and a team requires funding.

Skills required (team skill level in brackets):

  • Holochain knowledge: 7
  • Front end: VueJS (8), Electron(2),
  • Back end: Rust (5), NodeJS (9)
  • UI/UX: CSS(3)
  • Others: Business dev (6)


  • Full time

What do I need?:

  • Developers: Interested in making a change? Don’t be afraid to reach out!
  • Business network willing to beta test: To avoid a “build it and they will come” scenario we are looking for a community that is willing to be a part of the iterative loop.
  • Community support: Know anyone that would be interested? Simply spreading the word is a huge help.
  • Fundraising support: Got any ideas or know someone wanting to fund a project like us?
  • Expertise support: Critiques and ideas are welcome.

Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

CC to some who may be interested:
@guillemcordoba @mwl @bhaugen @The-A-Man @raymond @pauldaoust @GraceR @artbrock


I scanned the whitepaper and found it interesting and thoughtful (among other things happy to see the “tax issue” acknowledged - a part I’ve been struggling with myself when thinking about real world adoption at scale of these kind of systems)

One thing I missed/failed to find though - it would be great with more info around team/people behind Koru.

Glad you liked it! We are in the process of forming a team around the project. So the team info section is a work in progress :slight_smile:

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