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We would like to introduce ourselves here. Neighbourhoods is a new groupware framework for Holochain applications which pairs portable, use-case specific social data with generic Holochain modules. The team includes many familiar faces from the Holochain community.

Our main aim is to support the development of a rich ecosystem of happ modules, and to provide the means for community activators to spin up neighbourhoods out of these modules, and pair them with other culture-focused modules that they can choose and customize themselves.

We have recently completed an Initial Community Offering of NHT, our ERC-20 token on Ethereum and Polygon. NHT is the on-ramp to Neighbourhood’s marketplace of happ modules. Allowing neighbourhoods to pay devs for development and maintenance of modules they use.

Next up on our roadmap is Open standards for NH-compatible modules. We see this as a crucial step in supporting the Holochain ecosystem’s modular approach to happ development. We expect to be publishing more on this in the coming months!

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Our Neighbourhoods’ Social Sensemaking blog series is underway! Part One , Part Two


Neighbourhoods’ Engineering Update #1 is live now, along with Part Three of the aforementioned Social Sensemaking series! :sparkler:

And with our fourth article we complete the series!

Now you can view the full series as a Research Paper Document for easy reading and sharing!

We would love to hear what you think!

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Please join the Neighbourhoods team tomorrow, Tuesday November 29 at 10:00am UTC for our Social Sensemaking Salon! Our Salon participants get to introduce themselves and their projects, and to be part of the creative dialogue. We chose a time which is accessible for Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. We plan to follow up with workshops for Community Activators and for Developers, and further introductory sessions, for people in all time zones. :seedling: :sunflower: :butterfly:

Zoom location: Launch Meeting - Zoom
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