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Team Size: 6

Tats: @tats_sato
Akira: @Akirawakabayashi
Nicko: @mechanicko
Neil: @nkpgardose
Kanno & Kenji:

Description: Kizuna is a serverless peer-to-peer chat application built on top of Holochain that prioritizes security, privacy, and agent centricity.


Similar app or site: Telegram, Signal, Wickr, Whatsapp, LINE, etc

We are at…:

Design and implementation: Designing the basic DNA and Membrane architecture is done and profile zome architecture is done (persona integration TBD). We are currently working on the registration process of Kizuna both on DNA and UI side and it will be roughly done this week. Login is next and text messaging will be the next to come in coming sprint cycles.

Fund rasing: We are currently in preparation for a crowdfunding

Skills: rate yourself from 0 - 10

  • Holochain knowledge: Can implement basic zome functions, CRUDs, Anchor patterns, validations
  • Front-End: React(7), Ionic(4), Javascript(7), Typescript(4) iOS/Android(7), Apollo graphql(4), webRTC(0.3), jest(3)
  • Back-End: Rust(4), Tryorama(6), websocket(3)
  • UI/UX: CSS(8), Adobe XD(8), Adobe Illustrator(4), internationalization(10)
  • Others: Community building(5), fund raising(6), hackMD(6),

Full time for all team members
40-60 hours a week x 6 members

What do we need:


  • Authentication
  • Advice on best practices on hc side of things
  • Cross DNA design
  • Efficient DHT queries
  • Efficient Anchor patterns
  • Persona Application (Profile management)
  • DNA Bridging
  • Roles management
  • Social triangulation
  • Lobby
  • Membership by invitation
  • Progenitor
  • conductor admin functions (init of new DNA from template)
  • web-rtc with holochain signaling
  • encrypted communication (text, files, voice/audio)

non-technical side

  • Funding
  • More developer
  • Community
  • Community Organizers
  • 100/1000 true fans

@tats_sato wow, you are totally clear what do you need exactly to implement project. I love it.

I think when you finish this app,(at least first version) there would be a lot of reusable modules and best practices based on your effort for others. that is great.

In the requirement section, I see some modules that have been implemented by @guillemcordoba. and you can access them in github. do you still have issues about them, share more please?

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Hi, @hedayat!!

Thanks for taking a look at the project!
And yes! There will be a lot of reusable modules that we will be using/creating!
We intend to use what is already implemented by @guillemcordoba and the rest of the community and only build what is not existing yet which we will also open source and make into a reusable zome! We actually heard from @guillemcordoba about the profile zome and we agreed to turn it into a reusable zome as well! The repo is in the holochain open dev repo and we will continue to work on this so that it can be turned into a reusable zome! We love the idea of building together with the community as each modules can be battle tested as more people use it! So far, we haven’t really touched on other modules that are existing as we are not yet in the sprint for those features that will use the modules that are existing already but once we do, we will definitely give feedbacks on what works and what can be improved on!


This is so awesome :smiley:

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Hello everyone,

Just discovered the holochain & drilled a little bit before investing in your tokens found this happs pormising project.

Whaou ! Just saw your video, if you are able to aggregate chat streams with username:date & group name, in a global view, you will be able to get something similar to FB or twitter except that later commenting will be missing.

I think if you want your happs going forward & having holochain massively used, you should think about viral applications like FB, Twitters & others !

& you will get the full/all benefits of holochain, enabling people to remove/delete their life/streams & having others not being able to see & read anymore your datas.

That will be a great benefit for users to adopt your chat & get also holochain used massively.

Looking forward to reading from you
Great project & framework
Good luck

Hye Kizuna project team members,

For the past few months, I have been interested in holochain and the creation of the messenger app “Kizuna”. It is great to see the developments of the Kizuna messenger app and saw a very great potential to surpass or at least compete with current messenger giants like Whatsapp and Telegram.

Because of that, I am intrigued to do a collaboration with kizuna to create a profitable messenger app by selling multiple services to our users. The hApp is now at 70-80% designed via Adobe XD. Thus, I’m hoping that we can work together to make this app a reality.

That’s all from me, feel free to reply to this message here or email me at [email protected]