[ HoloPort ] Late registration of HoloPort node and setup related discussion

For other rookie developers like myself lurking here in this Developers forum, creating a thread here for those wondering or have questions around HoloPort setup. If HoloPort owners need urgent help email ~ help@holo.host

For others who would like to document their experience or discuss installation process or other issues they are facing can use this thread.

Please note HoloHost’s (i.e. owners of HoloPort) have their own forum.holohost, which one can lurk around without signing in and only those who have HoloPort setup can participate over there. So get started become a HoloHost and support HoloChain community.

1. Please do NOT use the printed User Guide that comes in the box, the process is outdated.
2. Instead, use the HoloPort Setup instructions found on the HoloHost Forum.
3. It’s especially important not to insert your USB into the HoloPort until step 9g, of the HoloPort Setup.

Some Questions to get this Thread started:

  1. Received 2 holoport+ around Jan 2020, did not install / set it up until Feb 2020 and received email from info@holo.host - alerting not to use Instruction Manual sent with the port. Do we know the reason why did we have this hiccup - just want to understand challenges holochain organization was facing?
  2. At that time of Feb 2020 the email stated 780 Nodes were up. Do we know how many were from organization and how many from end community users like myself?
  3. Do we know number of nodes live currently or is there a way to check this? (Assuming answer for this is in HoloHost forum)
  4. For those who haven’t still registered, has the setup instructions changed? (From what has been mentioned above - i.e. directing to the Setup instruction on HoloHost forum site)
  5. Going forward how should HoloPort owner (i.e. HoloHost business entity) and Holochain app developer view developer forum vs host forum? (Just to ensure we can lay down clear path for HoloHost business related questions - i.e. around fuel, exchange, good apps earning good fuel type discussions vs rookie holochain developer like myself wearing multiple hats - not flooding developer streams)

hi aryabhatta ,

thanks for you message no i didnt get what i needed but i know that the holo port is not compleet . yes the registration for json and those things are done.

but what now how do i know what i need to do with the node do i need to set it up or i have to wait when the devs are ready with the network ?

what my opion is that they need to make step plan for new people what to espect and what to do because now we do only receive the holo port with the documutation but dont have any clue if the port is ready or not !
for me as a starter of the holo port its not good that you have somany forums and that you need to register to get the information why do not use one forum and everything in it !
please let me know what you think about it .

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@gerrit I will limit my answer to specific area mentioned in the quote - for I am like you waiting game - mode when it comes to registrations because I do see they are having hiccups and we do have some good tech savy folks jumping rite into it and doing test runs on holo ports - trouble shooting bugs surfacing during AlphaTesting the net. You can surely help the community and participate by completing the setup and running the test if you like. Though that is not my cup of tea, so I will focus my energy here to offer communit support and find what value I can bring to Our Holo Community.

for me as a starter of the holo port its not good that you have somany forums and that you need to register to get the information why do not use one forum and everything in it !


"Audience" intended for developers forum i.e. forum.holochain.org are developers, creators, producers, builders, makers. While host forum i.e forum.holo.host is meant for a completely different audience for example Hosters, Port Owners, Service Providers who are going to ensure they keep their servers, ports up and running all time for our holochain community such that our community benefits in long run with few downtime and can compete with behemoths like AWS. For they will surely join in once they see us succeeding.

Learn to wear multiple hats since you are one of the early adopters so I am assuming you wanted to Build something as well as be a Host and earn. Overtime as we gather more feedback for community members we could develop some of our Best Practice on how to bring answers from that forum and then forwarding HoloHosting related questioners to that forum and keeping them there, while participating here in the capacity of builder, creator or supporter of even HoloHost infrastructure (for that is where developer and hoster would definitely intersect on this forum)

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Can’t get past host console login. Is it possible to reset my registration in the backend or would I have to reboot and re-register?