Where are the Personas (gone)?

Since its first introduction Personas did intrigue me. But since 2019 they seem to be forgotten. See the old Github repo for instance GitHub - holochain/personas-profiles-redux: Holochain-redux (deprecated) app for people to manage how other apps access their personal information..
Now as we see more and more hApps reaching a certain maturity I would appreciate to use Personas or Profiles instead of using a separate ID for each app. So my question is where are they or has this idea been quietly buried during the past years? It is clear, that to provide this functionality in a reliable way requires a lot of integration work from the app developers, but in my opinion it would be the right time to at least know how they can possibly integrated into one’s stack.

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Yes. There is work underway related to the new implementation of the Holochain Identity suite. (Deepkey, Personas & Verifiable Claims) Deepkey is the first priority in that trio of hApps, then personas and profiles will follow. I believe the status is that they are still updating documentation and reviewing specs, but this should move into active development very soon.

The repo you have above is an archived one. There is an active Deepkey repo and I don’t believe the new Personas repo has been created yet. More updates will be forthcoming related to work being done by the new-ish components team in Holochain.