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HoloNET & HoloUnity (.NET & Unity Holochain Clients)

HoloNET is a .NET client that connects to Holochain. It is used as the basis of HoloUnity allowing you to connect Unity to Holochain.

These have been gifted forward to the wonderful holochain community in the hope it will help attract devs/resources to this vital project for humanity.

For full technical documentation, API Ref, code samples, etc please check out the GitHub page below:

We feel this will help turbocharge the holochain ecosystem we are all trying to build by opening it up to the massive .NET & Unity ecosystems! :slight_smile:

This topic is for any questions, feedback, feature requests etc relating to HoloNET & HoloUnity. Plus it’s a place to share any projects that are or plan to use them… :slight_smile:

Thanks Peeps.

Hi David,
HoloNET is very promising.
I suggest that you put the code into it’s own repo.
Also, have you thought about creating a nuget package ?
Thanks !

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Yes I was thinking of doing both of them thanks… :slight_smile:

As well as creating a Asset/Package for Unity…

All on the roadmap for sure… :slight_smile:

I wanted all the code in one place in the same solution was trying to work out a way of have the solution refer to more than one repo? One solution I was looking into was to create a submodule linking to the main repo, this seemed the best way to go?