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DeepKey Status?

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Hello, I’m wondering what the status is on DeepKey. What happened with the previous attempts? What sort of issues are preventing this from coming to completion?

I see this as the core foundation of a free, decentralized digital world: the self-declared identity. All further actions of an individual derive their potency and integrity from this declaration.

I’m interested in forming a working group and gathering the necessary resources to plan and implement an end to end solution, an app which will enable non-technical, non-cryptography savvy users to declare their own identity and participate in this world. In addition we may want to include some simple form of profile, profile discovery, and chat.

I believe that in order to deliver on this promise, the Identity solution must be open source, open protocol. Auditable with competing implementations. I believe that Holochain is uniquely suitable to being the bedrock for this innovation due to the values of the founders and community, their guiding principles, and their implementation decisions.

I welcome comments and feedback from “thedavidmeister” and “philipbeadle” (can someone mention them for me?) who have worked on the Deepkey and identity-manager projects respectively. Thank your work in laying the foundations in this area! Can you tell us where you left off, and what might be an appropriate point to build off? What challenges can we expect on the road ahead, and what resources do we need to rally?

Thank you to anyone reading! Your ideas and suggestions are welcome.

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There is a keybase group called “keycase” which has forked the keybase client, and had thought to implement a server side of that protocol. I don’t think there was much progress made, but there are 24 members in the group of varying talents and interests. Maybe we can learn from cross pollination. If anyone is on Keybase and would like an invite to that group you can contact “davidcanhelp”. I will post a link to this discussion in the “keycase” group.

Tagging @philipbeadle and @thedavidmeister as per your request

Can someone shed some light on current status please?

hi yeah, deepkey is here - GitHub - holochain/deepkey: DeepKey happ

basically i wrote what is there, and in the process took a bunch of things back upstream to core that should remove maybe 2/3rds of the boilerplate in deepkey

there’s one more thing that i want to get into the HDK before i come back to deepkey, which is hash bounded agent activity queries, which would be deterministic and so allowable in validation callbacks - this would allow me to remove the validation logic that walks an entire source chain, which is inefficient for what deepkey is trying to do

after that i plan to bring deepkey up to latest HDK

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fwiw i have broadly gone digging around in keybase code, and while it’s all “open” their monolithic codebase that assumes their own server does make it hard to work with outside the official tooling :frowning:

good to hear that there’s people working on that

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what are these or can I read up more on them via a link somewhere? not sure what an “agent acttivity query” is

Thanks David! Appreciate your response, and your work on this.

We are coming to some of the same conclusions about the Keybase code. 1. Go went through an upgrade with the introduction of go.mod, and the Keybase Go dependencies are broken as a result. Some recursive upgrading is required, and then who knows whether there have been breaking changes. 2. Usage of GPG signing keys and specific server infrastructure even in the build process for native clients makes environment setup difficult. I can understand why they did these things (for security and convenience) but it still is a barrier to anyone else getting these assets working.

I’d love to play around with DeepKey and get an understanding of how it’s working, and maybe start to build a user interface on top of it (probably Flutter). I cloned the repo and ran the tests without any problems. Any thoughts on starting a node and connecting to it? Would Connor’s tutorial be appropriate? Besides net sockets, has anyone played around with IPC?


when you use get_agent_activity you currently get back a non-deterministic view on what an agent’s neighbourhood knows about that agent

i want to add additional start/end hash filtering to that so then it becomes deterministic and you only get the activity between those two hashes

it becomes a query if we overlay the current query functionality that applies to the local chain to the result of that

this approach is slated to be a replacement for “validation packages”

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it does pass tests… with a mocked out conductor :sweat_smile:

it almost certainly won’t work with the latest conductor version as the HDK itself has moved forward, that’s why i’m saying it needs to be dusted off, stripped back of boilerplate, and to use sweet test to show integration tests as well