Holochain and the Metaverse - what are the possibilities?

Hi Guys,

What are people’s thoughts about building on the metaverse with Holochain?

I have a potential client looking to build a game on the metaverse and I have been sharing about Holochain. However, we do not have developers who have worked on Holochain and would like to start connecting with people who are.

If you are a developer, I would like to connect with you and start talking about different upcoming projects that our organization has in our sales pipeline.




Good question

Metaverses! that are in relationship to physicality would be great to see. Neighborhoods.network might be a fitting soil for that. Some sort of interconnected spaces model like what janusvr.com has been working on would be super rad. Would love to see that ability to move between different spaces with local flavour …


Yes, interoperability is one of the main keys to the metaverse and Holochain seems to have the answer to this.


I’ve some knowledge on game programming, of game engines, AND Holochain. I was personally working on a little 3D Mind Mapping Happ (that is, until I came across Thortspace and fell in love with it immediately; I hope my progress on this plugin doesn’t at least go to waste). I occasionally do follow StarCitizen’s technical progress, but for the most part, I believe it’s Epic’s work that’s gonna become the foundation for developing Metaverse-compatible applications. As for Holochain, I don’t think it can contribute in any significant way to the development of the Metaverse (apart from maybe becoming the de-facto NFT platform for pretty much everything, not just Metaverse-related application needs). I did once extensively wonder whether Holochain could potentially be use-worthy to replace the existing client-server model that games today run on (where the authoritative server’s hardware capacity puts an upper limit on the number of concurrent players/users). What gaming needs is a horizontal-scaling revolution. Distributed gaming is already possible; a game engine that uses Holochain for the network layer should be able to distribute the persistent game-state peer-to-peer (rather than having to call an RPC that gets executed on the authoritative server that broadcasts the updated state back to the players) and have peers be cross-validated to prevent cheating. But I’m afraid the companies building the Metaverse will simply create their own custom (and hence more specifically targetted and therefore optimized) framework for doing all of this. By the way, Metaverse isn’t even about MMOs; put simply, it’s about “being able to hold another player’s hand in one game and jump into another game/world/experience almost instantaneously while also having your avatar, etc, preserved in the transit”.

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Does anyone agree with the The-A-Man

We are building a metaverse game right now and would like to build it on Holochain.