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Using Holochain for a web based voting system

Hi all,

I am investigating a solution for a voting system, obviously keeping votes secure and free from fraud etc. The brief I have been given is pretty much assuming a typical web interface which can be viewed on various types of device, desktop/mobile etc. The ability to download data via CSV file so non tech users can easily view and understand the data. I’m interested in responding to the brief with the idea of blockchain voting using holochain.

Could holochain be leveraged to provide a suitable solution to record and extract voting data in a way which gives voters confidence in the system?

The team I work with normally work with Linux/Apache/Mysql/PHP so Holo would be new to them. I would need to factor all of this in before suggesting suitable technologies.

When an html page is presented to the user and they submit their vote, how would this get written to the holo blockchain, and then read back using typical web technologies?

Any input into this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi, I’m interested in creating an app that has this voting feature as well. What I’d do is create an hApp for the voter to download which generates a voter DNA and connects with a host network (based on holo). There’d be security features added as needed but since its a p2p network it’s more secure and the DNA aspect of holochain allows voter verifiability. I could be wrong, please feel free to correct me on anything you notice. I’m also looking for people to partner up with a make this into a startup. Let me know if you’re interested.