HabitFract - a fractal habit tracker for Holochain

Team Size: 1

Description: An ongoing exploration of how to order and visualise personal habits, tracking their completion over time.

https://demo.habfract.life (demo templates of the web 2.0 PoC and the UI for playing around with)
https://n-stebb.dev (the hero section has several links about the project, also a good place to contact me)

Similar app or site: Acorn!

I am at…:
Design and implementation:
I know that Holochain is the right tool for my app and now I am implementing the backend, closely following Acorn’s patterns for storing a hierarchy, and wiring up to Redux using hc-redux-middleware. I have implemented the user-profiles zome in a cell and would like to create a social/sharable and ultimately tokenizable feature for giving/trading specific personal habit-tracking structures with each other. This will require a multi-cell architecture similar to Acorn, where there is a lobby.

I would like to try and make a zome for generally marking ‘when’ something was done, then integrate it into the project - perhaps allowing an adjustable interval (not just a day). My plan for that can be found on my github, found from the above link.

There is some work to do with the frontend and I would welcome any suggestions/contributions here too - optimisation, implementing a dashboard, a user profile page, etc.

Technical - React, Redux, storing hierarchies in a graph database, general Rust/Holochain knowledge.
Not-so-technical - explanation/summation of what the app does to other people (I am working on a video/screenshare)

Team proficiency

  • Holochain knowledge: 7/10
  • Front-End: React 8/10 Redux 9/10 TypeScript 7/10
  • Back-End: Rust 6/10
  • UI/UX: CSS (Tailwind) 8/10 Photoshop 6/10
  • Others: Explanation through blog/video content 5/10

Commitment: 1-2 days a week

What do I need: Others who see this as an interesting idea and want to work together to create a more robust product. Anyone interested in creating the ‘where’ zome.