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SeedShare App: Seeking holochain developers for seed saving & banking app

Hi all, as part of the Hypergroove Collective, we are looking to onboard a few other developers to be part of our new project called SeedShare. We have already completed the proof of concept which is in the website itself.

We are looking to develop 3 micro-apps that talk to each other:

  1. A DNA that behaves as a metric for seed saving and a data-entry point that rewards the agent in a token
  2. A DNA that can transfer these credited tokens to another agent’s wallet to purchase more food/seeds
  3. A DNA that maps all the other seed savers and agents on a local/global map.

If you’re interested in this project, please let me know! We are still figuring the medium of how to reward developers via smart-contracts/payroll/token-minting.

Thank you. :innocent:


In the last Virtual Hackalong we started to discuss the various possible approaches to handling gps data, a gps microservice could be useful for the third micro-app that you listed. Have a look and feel free to join the conversation.


Parts of your project can also be useful for our “Incentivised Tree planting economy app” that I am slowly putting together with a friend of mine (which is in a stage of concept and does not have a name yet) and want it to be a part of the augmented reality “game” Our World that @dellams is working on.
A market with seeds and small tree plants (seedlings or nurselings is the correct english word ?? :smiley: ) should be a part of it.


Hi Anton,
Thank you for this. When’s the next Virtual Hackalong and how can I join in on this? :slight_smile:

Seedshare as a service for token minting via planting seeds could be used for your incentivised tree planting, yes! Let’s work together.


Virtual Hackalongs take place on wednesday at 6pm CEST / 4pm UTC
And on thursday 11am AEST / 1am UTC

see https://forum.holochain.org/c/events/virtual-hackalong/119

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Hackalong ( #events:virtual-hackalong ) is a platform to meet other developers, share status of your project and collect feedback from the group. If your team is just starting, then you can even request help from the group of developers to contribute.

Projects with GitHub repository to share or prototype to install shall receive best response, since the developers can download and start playing with the tool or engage immediately with source code for that project.

Virtual Hackalong happens every wednesday 2020-06-03T16:00:00Z contact @guillemcordoba or @hedayat

Weekly Hackalong for Power Users is another platform happens every thursday 2020-06-04T01:00:00Z - contact @sidsthalekar

They cater to audience from different time zones and have different rhythm. Though both have something in common and that is “Desire to Help”.


Thank you bro for the mention and pleased to see you have made progress with the GPS idea you first shared a few months back… I’m just reconnecting with the community now and getting up to speed again after working flat out on another construction platform prototype to secure funding. It is built on top of my platform… mainly the OASIS api which powers Our World and allows it to talk to everything as well as containing the karma and avatar systems… :blush::rainbow::pray:

Is yours in a state where I can start looking at integrating into Our World? I had lots of my own ideas on GPS and hc too… :blush:

How is the tree planting app coming along too? I would love to plug that into the Our World ecosystem because it is very much aligned with the vision and goals to heal our planet… :blush::blue_heart::rainbow::pray:

I love your project and it really resonates and aligns with my project and vision for Our World. I would love to help with your project and to build it on the OASIS API and Our World platform so it can connect and integrate into the Our World ecosystem… they can then receive karma for planting and sharing seeds… :blush: Plus many more benefits such as being able to bridge and connect to any other platform such as all blockchains, IPFS, SOLID, ActivityPub, ThreeFold and many more… :blush:

Read more here:


Thank you for the update my friend… :blush::pray::blue_heart:

Hi David, nice to hear from you after a longer time : ) This project around tree planting is still a concept and in hybernation phase sadly, but my friend that initiated it has returned from abroad and now we can find time to evolve it further. Lets have a call sometime next week what do you say ?

Hi there, love your project too! Would be open for discussing more about the OASIS API and how that integrates with the overall ecosystem. Will be following your work closely. We only just started a few months ago.

Our collective is focused on creating new economic networks for food based on holacratic and biomimetic principles. :innocent:

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Ok great thanks. Looking forward to seeing progress… :blush: