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Economic network formation

How many economic networks are gestating within the Holochain ecosystem?

I see one potential set of connections around food. Who all is connected to food in some way or another? I see people talking about seeds and fertilizers and food communities and “food crystals” and I don’t know what all else.

Who did I miss? Do any of you potential food network participants want to identify yourselves

And do you see any potentials for interconnecting in larger economic networks?

Any other networking potentials? I mean, everybody needs energy, right?


@akikoogawa7 of SeedShare said “holofood” in another chat. Good name?


Here’s a picture of the beginnings of HoloFood? @kamal @oro13 @akikoogawa7 @pospi @ViktorZaunders



Yes!!! Love it. :slight_smile:

me too! :slight_smile:

Great image @lynnfoster!

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Hi @lynnfoster - Really appreciate these REA diagrams. I quickly added biogas to a version and realized it might be a good idea to do a collective REA mapping together with HoloFood people. Would be great to have a solid architecture and system conversation and be really clear on what we’re testing together. I’m adding @srirup from Impact BioEnergy on this as well.

I’m free after Wed around 2pm PST next week, and pretty open Thursday and Friday afternoon if this sounds like a good plan for folks.


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Thanks @kamal. Nice addition. We could definitely add another level of detail if we want to, and I agree that is better as a group. And maybe have one simple and one more detailed?

I have made a couple changes since I posted it, I can give people permissions to the diagram, I think, and we can all edit directly if you want.

Didn’t see a way to share access to the diagram, so made an xml file that you can load if you like, I’ll email it to anyone who wants it.

In terms of a meeting, I’m good Wed or Thursday, Friday afternoon not as good but probably workable.

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Why such an absolutist stance? Couldn’t these be seed forms for new economic logics, which grow to meet needs of an ailing dominant food system, in a gradual transition?


Yeah, I think you are right. I was a bit bitter and shouldn’t be venting my frustrations in public. Sorry for this. I censored myself and hopefully I can become more positive in the future.


@AdriaanB I agree it is hard to think about our futures, given where we are at now - bitterness and a number of other emotions are understandable. But I also hope that we can continue to work on “seed forms for new economic logics” (great way to put it @mhueschen), whether it is for a gradual transition or we need to have something to plug in rather suddenly.


Wrote an intro to economic networks, including the Basyn-SeedShare-Shiro diagram from this thread.



@bhaugen and I had an interesting discussion with @starglide (Alessandro) today about synergies between his work and Holo-REA/ValueFlows. He can further introduce himself, but briefly, he’s involved in developing a “visual sense making framework” that could map to value flows as part of its language. Here are a couple links:


And we have an exercise we want to propose to you, people who have been involved in thinking about the holofood potential network. @kamal @oro13 @ViktorZaunders @akikoogawa7, also @pospi @guillemcordoba and anyone else interested.

Would some of you like to try out Alessandro’s Canvas for Social Economy to document what the pieces of a holofood network might start to look like? He would lead us through the exercise.

After we see who is interested, we can tackle the ever present problem of picking a time. :slight_smile:


Very interesting indeed! Have had some similar and relevant ideas with the map-based storytelling aspect of SeedShare.
Would love to have a proper intro. :slight_smile:
Nice to meet you @starglide!

Thank you @lynnfoster and nice to meet you too, @akikoogawa7! Looking forward to mapping together!
I graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano and worked as a designer since, mostly running my own business. I am now at the EU Policy Lab (first link shared by Lynn) trying to infuse policy making with design principles. The Canvas is an example of a “design-based” policy project. I am captured by Holochain, own a holo-port myself and looking forward to understand better the work on Holo-REA/ValueFlows with you and apply it to the canvas!


Hi @lynnfoster thanks for this. Hi @starglide - nice to meet you. I’m working with Basyn and very interested in using design thinking for policy making. We’re also specifically interested in connecting more with EU policy, especially around circular economy and just transition. So yes, very interested in mapping with you all!!


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Amazing! Thanks for sharing @lynnfoster and nice to meet you @starglide :slight_smile:

This looks incredibly interesting. Am wondering whether you may be connected with David Jensen from UNEP or potentially even Christina Bowen from DigLife? Lots of excellent prior art from her ecosystem mapping world to draw on— see Decentralized Tech map and a new one I have just started bringing together which is zooming in on Holochain & ValueFlows specifically (source sheet). Starting with software dependencies, zooming out to organizational dependencies soon; hopefully based on output from these conversations.


OK thanks for the responses everyone. Looks like we have: Brisbane, Europe (BST, CEST), US (PDT, CDT). Here is what it looks like, plus add Brussels, one hour later than London. Looks like the choices are late for Pospi, early for Kamal; or late for Kiki and Alessandro, early for pospi. Or we just record for pospi, with apologies.

And, what days work for people?

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I would love to tag along to this if the invite is open! Or watch a recording if that’d be made available. I’ll see what time shakes out (I’m US pacific time but happy to get up early).

I would love to tag along to this if the invite is open!


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