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Session 9 - Virtual Hackalong

Meeting summary

  • Guillem gave us an update about the mutual-credit project, and the community raised issues and questions they had about the experiment.
  • Nastasia updated the community about the progress of LeaP, and how the transition between a monolithic DNA and a DNA per course, and how the load of the DHT and performance is reduced.
  • Anton presented his project GPS Handler with us. We discussed how we can privately and securely store GPS information in our personal DHT, and then commit in a more open, larger DNA. Also, we thought about how we can store DHT GPS data that can then be retrieved by area. We explored this very big area, with different approaches, and in the future will try to scope and design a specific use case.
  • Finally, we discussed some technical questions and issues.

Recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8S-8p9qJlE

Hi everyone! Virtual Hackalong session 9 will be in:

Today we’ll have @Anton presenting his 100 hApp rally project: GPS Handler. We’ll be discussing the idea, design and implementation of that module or hApp.

We’ll also catch up with the latest developments in the various projects we have hosted. As always, bring your own topics you’d like to talk about!

See you there!


Sounds like a good session. Is the Recording out? @guillemcordoba

Just came out of the oven :smiley:

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