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Holonix Get help with our framework for creating cross-platform development and deployment environments, built with NixOS. Learn more at https://github.com/holochain/holonix App Development Ask questions about designing, building, and testing applications with Holochain; help others as you learn. See Holochain Documentation. Rust Rust is weird; you’ll need companions on your journey. We encourage you to share your Rust knowledge and ask your Rust questions here. Best Practices This is an area for everyone to share best practices and/or best approaches in Holochain app development, core contributions, documentation, and educational resources. App Deployment Discuss options for getting your applications into the hands of users and maintaining up-to-date app installations. Conductor Config & Admin Configuring and managing the Holochain conductor in development and live environments. Holochain Core Development Conversations about contributing to core components and Holochain Development Kits (HDKs) for Rust and other programming languages. Discuss design decisions, language idioms, WASM, and Holochain Core API functions. Concepts & Architecture Discuss the nuts and bolts of Holochain itself—ask a question, critique the design, and contribute your knowledge. Tools Discuss tools to support your application development — prototyping, testing, deployment, and more. Find allies, get involved with a project, and fill in the gaps in the ecosystem. Feedback Fountain We want to hear from you! Help us create tools, tech, and documentation that would be most beneficial to your understanding of Holochain and aid you in building your apps. Getting Started Get help setting up the Holochain conductor runtime and developer tools. Learn about the Holonix development environment. Ask for assistance with the beginner tutorials. Libraries Discuss zome and UI libraries built by community members and the Holochain dev team. Find allies, get involved with a project, and fill in the gaps in the ecosystem.
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