Error when I try to scaffold the development happ: Too many open files

There is a error when I try to scaffold the development happ

error: opening directory '/nix/store/x4bsij393vm2jc18p7knsvz9g8jpwihr-cargo-package-instant-0.1.12': Too many open files

I’ve increased the limit to ulimit -n 10496 but now it doesn’t allow me to pass the previous point.

How do you guys recommend to fix this?
I use Intel MacOS 10.15

Thank you!

I was able to fix it by following ThetaSinner’s instructions on Holochain’s Discord:


It was basically inscrease maxfiles on resources available to the shell and to processes started by it:

to check the limits:

launchctl limit maxfiles

to change the limits:

sudo launchctl limit maxfiles 65536 200000

As seen here:

To apply the changes, stop the current nix process:

sudo launchctl stop org.nixos.nix-daemon

Now, any nix command will restart nix with the new limits.

Clean the previous installation and restart nix:

nix-collect-garbage -d

And it was fixed!
I was able to restart the installation and everything worked!