CRUD Examples for Zomes?

Are there any good examples of CRUD zomes? I need to store the avatar and holon objects on hc, these are structs that contain strings, ints, guids, datetime, booleans and nested child objects so any examples showing how to deal with all of these in hc would be great thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

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Those are great links but what I was after was how to write the manual CRUD code myself so I had full control over it? Plus I wanted to learn more how rust/hc work… I was on the previous dev camps but a lot has changed since then (such as the new integrity and coordinator zomes etc) so not sure it is still relevant what we learnt there?

Thanks :slight_smile:

alot of it is still relevant but there are some other significant breaking changes. they added an HDI
hdi - Rust so make sure to put it in your dependencies

do you follow the Dev Pulse? Dev Pulse - Holochain Blog
Dev Pulse 121 - Integrity and Coordination Part Ways - Holochain Blog
they highlight the changes, such as: Header becomes Action, Element becomes Record

there is also
hdk - Rust latest HDK, always be sure to click ‘go to latest’ periodically in the upper left
and there is changelog:
holochain/ at develop · holochain/holochain · GitHub

here are some up-to-date Happ examples:


Great thank you appreciated. :slight_smile: :heart: