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Newby Basic Question

I am new to Holochain and I have listened to some of the discussions but I am still confused about developing Holochain Applications. I sort of understand the basic concept of Holoapps and how they share dna and operate within the Holochain echosystem. It seems somewhat similar to the Dapps on Ethereum.

I am wondering if there is a way to interface a Holoapp with the outside world.

Maybe I miss the point but if I develop an app using Jamstack, Rails, Java, Node, Clojure, whatever can I then interface with Holochain?

Maybe sort of wrapping a Holoapp - I may have data that is fine in Postgres or something but other data that I want to have in the Holochain echosystem can I have both?

I may want to do UI stuff with React as client for a HoloApp. Can I do that?

Or my Application may be interacting with API’s that aren’t in Holochain, can I do that?

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