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Web gateways, and database types

Newbie questions here. I’m developing a pinball / arcade payment app that would enable game operators to accept digital payments without needing to build their own payment infrastructure. (Real pinball and arcade machines, I mean, and nobody carries coins anymore)

The phone app will talk to the game operator’s hApp via websockets, which will require a public-facing Holochain gateway. Should I expect to see a market develop for http-to-holochain gateway services that can facilitate 3rd-party decentralised phone apps? Fees for that service could be built into the pinball app’s transaction.

Also, how should I best be designing my database? I’ve done relational SQL databases many lifetimes ago, but I see that object orientated UML Class databases are what the kids are into these days. Which is going to help make my first Rust development go smoothly?

Thanks for your help,

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