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Hosting the hApp and the conductor on a mobile device as a native app

Hi! I am quite new to holochain but read what I could.

If I understand it properly, in the current arrangement the conductor and the holo infrastructure runs on a dedicated and resourceful system eg. holo port, cloud or onprem hosted server. The apps and zomes are downloaded into the browser and run as WASM executables. I understand that at this stage of the product it is more than enough to have one technology stack fully support app development.

However, while this architecture satisfies decentralization data-wise, it still needs “miners” - systems that are resourceful - to host the core infrastructure. Which eventually leads to centralization - resource-wise if I can say so.

According to the promise of a truly distributed system, where every node is responsible of their own data and validate some of the others - the current architecture and the introduction of a specific hardware (holoport) does not seem to point into that direction.

My apologies if I misunderstand the situation and please correct me if I am wrong.

I would be happy to see the infrastructural parts of holochain being able to be compiled and linked to a native mobile app as libraries. Creating a pluggable architecture is easier with WASM and it also simplifies code validation - I get that. Maybe there are other ways to address these issues when the whole app is also linked together with the same binary. Since every hApp has its own network, when hosted by a mobile phone, the infrastructure would very unlikely host more than one hApp. So it would really make sense for me to link everything into one app.

Is there anything in the current roadmap that leads to these features? Is there any existing solution that I can experiment with in order to use holochain as a native mobile app?

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.

Hi @danleis

Holoports are not necessary. They are a convienence for being a host for Holo (which is different from Holochain).
I have successfully managed to run a holochain app on a raspberrypi 4. I believe this is good enough for decentralization. I wish it could run on a esp32 but holochain needs a 64-bit architecture for security reasons.

As for Native mobile, it is not ready as holochain doesn’t compile for android yet. Hopefully it will be in a near future.

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Thanks for the answer!
I am looking forward to hearing more about the Native compilation for android.