Linode NixOS + HoloNix - npm install stalls at: `idealTree:forum: sill idealTree buildDeps`

Cheers folks,

I have a Linode server set up running NixOS, crafted by following these instructions to-the-tee: Install and Configure NixOS on a Linode | Linode

My server is a Shared CPU, 8GB Ram, 4-core CPU, with 160GB storage.

Once installed, I removed the Installer drive, and set up the Holochain binary cache as outlined in the Quick Start guide.

I’ve gotten to npm install here: Get Building

However, npm install is stalling at idealTree:forum: sill idealTree buildDeps, right after calling the command. A long triage across internet-land revealed that it’s probably some sort of IPv6 or CA Certificate misconfiguration, but so far I’ve come up short when trying all these solutions.

So, does anyone have any ideas, recommendations?