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Introducing the Compository

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having some great holidays!

I want to share with everyone an experiment I’ve been playing with that excites me greatly. Here you can access it:


This is part of the new Low Code series that we are moving along in the holochain ecosystem.

I have to give credit for the name and ideas to @zippy and @artbrock, as the compository is a pattern that goes back to early Ceptr days when they needed a repository of protocols that can be composed together.

Well, in this holochain compository experiment, you can compose zomes together to create DNAs on the fly, and then compose UIs from the building blocks associated from those zomes.

For now, it requires you to have docker installed because of the usability problems in RSM that are being fixed by the core devs. If you don’t have code expertise, in the compository page there are steps to help you along, if you are not able to run it on your machine reach us to me.

Here is a guide on how to publish your own zomes to the compository. If anyone wants some help on publishing the zomes I’m glad to talk!

At this stage, this is just an experiment and conversation starter. In the future, I have in mind to add cross-DNA entry sharing and display, inter-zome dependencies, multiple DNAs structures, DNA properties and membrane proofs… There are so so many possibilities I can’t wait to try them out.

What do you think? Is any of you excited to play with this in any way? :smiley:


I still remember reading about the compository all the way back. Great to see this get underway. Once I get up and running with Holochain on my Mac again I’ll want to check this out myself.

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Actually you don’t need to have holochain setup, just docker installed. Everything runs inside the docker container so you don’t even need rust or anything like that :slight_smile:

Also, just added non-terminal options for Windows and MacOs, let me know if anything doesn’t work or could be better explained.

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Cool looks good bro. Will check out… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you this is a great concept!
and I confirm it all works out of the box here on arch linux.

sorry if this seems stupid, but I’m just not sure what I’m meant to do with the app itself once it loads. Say, I want to create a DNA from the available zomes - I can give it a new template name and choose ‘generate DNA’ in the app but then nothing seems to happen. What is the next step?
In console I can see ERROR about ("invalid wire: Failure(Failure { reason: \"Dropped message to kitsune-proxy:
and a similar gossip_loop warning, but they might be red herrings.
Thank you.

Hi @robot5x, thanks for trying this :smiley:

So this is an issue that other people have experimented as well, I’m trying to investigate it. It seems that sometimes holochain cannot find the files for the zomes, but it’s a hit and miss. Can you try two or three times more to see if it works?

FYI, I’ve been seeing issues of the type Entry not found, which we are investigating with the core devs.

Meanwhile, I’ve had to set my holoport to reboot every 3 minutes, which fixes the problem. So, if you’re trying this, give it some time after booting up the docker image and then retry :smiley:

thanks @guillemcordoba yes I think I needed to be patient it is all good now. I can generate a DNA and edit/save layout etc. Very nice! :clap:

this will be very powerful.

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