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Holochain turnkey for Windows 10 (Add Computing Horsepower without technical knowledge)

Hi folks,
I am an old decrepit Windows Sys Admin with lots of functional systems I would like to put to use to grow the HOT ecosystem. I have looked around but have not found anything I could install on windows systems to add value. I can’t Linux or Mac attack… so I want you to point me to an app that I can install on a windows system to help out. I have alot of older Win Sys Admin friends that would be happy to help if we could make it easy for them too.

Thanks, everyone in advance for your help!!

Hi @tnaa97, so I don’t have windows installed and right now holochain RSM is only officially supported on Linux, although I know a few people have made it work with WSL (@ddd-mtl).

If you are looking for something to play with, you could try out the compository which works out of the box if you have docker installed.

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Could you please point me to the download for the HoloPort Operating System?
I see I could buy a HoloPort but did not find the OS download.
Thanks in advance!

Well, the best I could do is find the legacy repository pre rsm: https://github.com/Holo-Host/holoportos. I don’t know where the current efforts are being developed, maybe @pauldaoust knows?

Keep in mind that diy holoports is still not supported, the focus is on getting the os running well on focus now.

you can find it at https://github.com/Holo-Host/holo-nixpkgs, and I honestly don’t know how to set it up :sweat_smile: Not sure how much of it is customised to the hardware we’re using (e.g., does it only include the specific drivers we need? don’t know :man_shrugging: )

and yes, what Guillem said – not supported. Here be dragons :dragon:

oh hey, look at this! https://github.com/Holo-Host/holo-nixpkgs#virtualbox An HPOS virtual machine image! I guess we’re building these for development and testing.