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Getting the basics

Resource Use Format
Holochain Core Concepts Understand basic Holochain Architecture Visual, Print
Holochain White Paper Print
Holochain Github Repository Duh Github Repo
Community Developer Open-Dev Blog Community-run Developer Blog Print
Holochain Explained 8-min Intro to Holochain Video
Holochain on Whiteboard Series with NEAR 1-hour convo with Eric Harris-Braun using a whiteboard to explain and discuss Holochain Concepts Video


Resource Use Format
Core Concepts Tutorials Start building a hApp and understand how Holochain Core Concepts function in practice Tutorials – Written Instructions, drawings
Holochain Playground Interactive DHT Interactive graphic tool
Holochain Gym Test your dev knowledge! Build your muscles with exercises that help you strengthen your understanding of Holochain – Give feedback about the gym in this thread Interactive exercises
Holochain Development Kit (HDK) Reference to support coding Holochain Applications Print
Holochain Environment Configuration Installation instructions & Download to set-up Holochain Dev Environment Print
RSM Migration Guide Migrate any code written in Holochain Redux (before September 2020) to Holochain RSM Print
Rust Development Tools Installation instructions & Download to set-up Rust Dev Environment Print
Holochain CRISPR Electron app for designing and generating Zomes with UI Components App
Holochain DevCamp Community-run course where you can learn how to develop a hApp from start to finish Online Course – Apply to our most recent session for access to the recordings and homework
Holochain Compository Compose zomes together to create DNAs on the fly, and then compose UIs from the building blocks associated from those zomes – Read the introductory thread Tool