Navigating the Holochain Ecosystem

Welcome to the Holochain Forum!

This is a place for people who are interested in learning about and developing apps on Holochain.

Please read this directory post before engaging elsewhere.

We uphold the contributor covenant code of conduct, – please check it out before engaging in this space. If any of it is challenging or brings up a concern for you, please ping @carolyn and/or @bear to discuss (we love to talk about this stuff).

Quick-Start Resources

To help you get situated in this forum and connect with peers, we compiled these lists with resources on different topics of interest:

Not sure how to engage? Do you wanna connect but don’t know what to do or where you fit? Reach out to us at

One More Thing

We try to foster an open and supportive community atmosphere, but cannot control for or for peoples’ individual motivations. We recommend doing your own research (especially if money is involved) and building trust the natural way: slowly, one step at a time.

Please only contribute what you can and want to. That way, our community grows organically. Don’t contribute in ways that you expect to get compensated for. If you want to help from a place of gift and generosity, please reach out to us at and tell us about yourself, what you’re interested in, and what gaps in this space you’d like to fill. But please understand that we generally do not pay the members of this community.

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