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Holochain 101

Resource Use Format
Holochain Explained 8-min Intro to Holochain Video
What is Holochain 12-min Intro to Holochain by @pauldaoust from FOSDEM 2021 Video
Holochain Whiteboard Series 1-hr Intro to Holochain co-founder Eric Harris-Braun Video
WTF is Holochain by Hackernoon Understand Holochain / Blockchain difference Print
Holochain Deep Dive by Hackernoon Listen to Holochain co-founders speak about the mission, values, architecture and vision of HC Podcast
Holochain Core Concepts Understand Holochain Architecture Visual, print
Holochain Gym Test your dev knowledge! Build your muscles with exercises that help you strengthen your understanding of Holochain Interactive exercises
Holochain Mutual Credit Currency Learn about mutual credit currency on Holochain Video
Holochain in 100, 200 and 500 words Succinct explanation of Holochain Print
Beginner Glossary Common terms & definitions Community-run learning resource on Holo Forum

I want to add the new Holochain Gym, which is in construction but should be a good starting point nevertheless :slight_smile: