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What hApps have been used in "real life" so far?

By “real life” I mean by people who are not just testers but are using the hApp for its intended purpose.

Can I assume that all of the hApps listed in he Holoscape index are at least ready for use by real users?

As of today, that includes:

  • Basic Chat
  • holo.txt
  • Passthrough DNA
  • Acorn (which says it “has been used with dozens of team members on globally distributed teams”).

Any others?

Hi @bhaugen, so that’s an interestingly weird case, in which the apps that most people have used are the ones you listed plus some others that were built for holochain redux, but almost none of them work on RSM nowadays.

Acorn is a very good example of a very good first mvp that is ready right now for RSM, although that depends: what do you mean ready to use?

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I mean ready for people to use for whatever the app was developed to do, not just to test. Like, I understand that Acorn has been used by software development teams to coordinate their development efforts, which I understand was Acorn’s purpose.

And yes, I am asking about what works nowadays, not some time in the past.

I’m being asked about how viable Holochain technology is for economic network infrastructure, so something like Acorn is good evidence, and more evidence is better.

Mmm okey, so the thing is basically that holochain and holo themselves are getting ready. The trick with acorn is that it includes its own packaging, which I guess is temporary until the official ones from holochain work.

We are going to have two stable release processes. In holo, people will upload their hApps and they will be accessible from a browser. In holochain, we are going to have binary for all OSs that shows up as a system tray icon.

Until those things are ready I don’t think we can say that “things work”, as in, you cannot show this working app to somebody as evidence… However, there are a number of projects that are getting ready for that moment. In the community there is an effort to build a mutual-credit library that shouldn’t take too long to be ready.

If you want to show something already working, you could also try the compository experiment (link to the forum post)

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Thanks again for your insights.

I try never to be in a hurry. I’m just trying to give a couple of interested outside people a realistic idea about the state of play.

I conclude, coming along nicely, but not quite there yet…

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