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Hi @sachaweb, awesome that the Amsterdam community is joining in Prague. The Barcelona community will also be joining. See you soon in Prague!

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Yes, looking forward to meet you in Prague. Seems to me that Barcelona has very committed people, right?

We started around a year ago and we now have a nice core group of Holochain friends. Guillem and I will join and maybe Ruben. See you soon.


Hi I’m Pierre from Vienna, I’m Angular developer and I follow the holochain project since more than one year now. I started to build my own hApp using coolcats as an example but it’s still at the very early stage. I also did my own website to talk about holo: https://www.buyholo.net


Hi Sol!! :smiley: Sure! I am excited to get connected with everyone in asia to help the widespread of holochain in this region!!

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I am Loic from France. I’m a Holochain fan. I have organized several meetings in France and Geneva and I plan to get more involved in the development of hApp.
Looking forward to sharing,


Hi, I am @sevenshadow from New York. I am getting started developing hApps and working to help the New York Holochain community grow.


Whats up? Hope this reaches everyone well. My name is Jason Ive been developing a platform for quite sometime and we are close to launching it www.hotprospects.com I am very interested in the holochain network and its capabilities. We are looking for a means of transfer and this seems like the perfect fit. Any and all information is welcome. Thanks for letting us be a part of this and we wish nothing but the best for all of you. - Kind Regards-J



I am Sven from Frankfurt an Main, Germany. I have been researching concepts for the reintegration of finance and ethical action for a few years now. My resulting framework of “Enactive Economics” is based on the Santiago Theory of Cognition by Francisco Varela and Humberto Maturana.
What I really like about Holochain’s concept is that its construction is very much oriented towards nature and its biological processes.
I would like to learn everything I can about Holochain and its applications.
In the future I would like to use Holochain to build decentralized networks of local micro-economies and therefore I am very interested in the conception of circular feedback systems as incentive systems for ethical action - acting for the common good. Open compassion - the way we can be useful in a social context - is the basis of the capacity to develop an enactive economy.

I want to find out how we can promote and embody such an attitude of decentralized, responsive, compassionate engagement in our economy?

I think the idea of HoloFuel as a Mutual Credit System is excellent!
However, if I understand it correctly, there are no tokens in Holochain and consequently no token economy as an incentive system…

Is it therefore possible to develop incentive systems with the aim of cultivating ethical know-how and compassion with the help of Holochain?

Look forward to exchange and learning!
Best regards,


I have been tracking developments with HoloChain project since late 2017, resident of Arizona US, with beginner level programming skills and “learning by doing”. Interested in developing simple fintech hApp for Rural India, to facilitate global climate action.


@newprometheus, some of your thoughts really resonate. Would love to swap notes some time.

@sidsthalekar sounds good! Let´s do it :slight_smile:

Hi, im looking for the “perfect” mutual credit system, and i hope Holo will be one of the “perfect” tools to make it work “perfectly”)
Thank u for being there.

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Hi everyone,

I am a long time crypto enthusiast. About 1 year ago I stumbled on Holochain and was blown away. The centralized components within all blockchain projects ultimately lead to congestive constraints. This led me to completely move away from blockchain and towards holochain.

I currently am deeply rooted within a cannabis software startup where we track the growth of the plant from seed to sale. There are certainly many uncertainties in the industry, and no one knows what the killer app or software will be. There is also much room for improvement on the tech side, and I feel that implementing Holochain in some capacity can truly take our project to the next level.

I am happy to be here and to join the conversations with you all :blush:


Hi, I am Liliana,

I am fan of holochain and so far I have contributed as community builder and I am supporting several startups in the ecosystem.

I wanted to organize meetups/dev trainings since last year, but got sick and had to postpone this. My health allows it now, and I will be co-organizing monthly meetups in Brussels and hopefully also co-organize a conference in about a year.

My passion for DAO’s and decentralized governance started when I was researcher in the area of Smart/Agile Cities (focus on Smart Citizens participation). So, from including citizens in the decisions of a city my work evolved to upgrade our democracy. I had the pleasure to give a TEDx talk about liquid democracy as Ambassador of the foundation Democracy Earth: https://youtu.be/fqR8OQ1u63Q

I also give talks about collective intelligence and human swarming for collective decision making. At the Holochain hackathon in Amsterdam I had the pleasure to pitch the idea of ‘liquid’ proposals and many guys helped: https://github.com/nphias/liquidDemocracy

I wish to find more people to develop that idea into a solid product for coordination of work and to make decisions together :slight_smile:



Hi everyone,

I’m Max Nachamkin.

Over the past few years, I’ve been in an experiment of creating a new business model (called Light Leadership) that allows for flexible hierarchies, instead of rigid ones, that allow organisms to be dynamic and responsive to the rapidly-changing environment that we now face.

Through years of relational intensity and us all being all in (living together, sharing everything together, some members being in relationship with each other), we navigated a strong relational terrain full of triggers, trauma, attachments, etc, and codified the way we worked together and created distributed decision-making protocols, a scaling infrastructure for organisms, and ways to manage “stuck” energy (ex. difficult employees within a top-down organism) within an ecosystem.

Over the past few years, we’ve developed a legal suite of documents, including a Constitution & Operating Agreement that allows decentralized organizations to be held in a decentralized way through the legal system (currently through the US legal structure). We’ve also created a financial system that allows monies from an organism to be distributed based on someone’s contribution (rather than a top-down hourly wage).

My ‘role’ (we called it ‘perspective lens’) within the organism has been on the tech side of things. We’ve created a supporting app for the financial system called the ‘Mastermind Tool’ that supports coherence building amongst groups, that we use on a weekly basis to give ourselves feedback relationally and to distribute payments amongst our various organisms.

I first heard about Holochain a few years ago from someone in my community while I was building out the first MVP of the app. What struck me most is that it was the most aligned technologically platform philosophically to what we have created, especially around data sovereignty and the way the system works. I’ve been looking for a tech platform to build on that resonates with our approach, and Holochain piqued my interest.

I’ve been to a couple Holochain hackathons (Denver and Austin – I’m currently living in Boulder), and had a great time experimenting with the technology. I’m in the process of scoping out a full version of our App that includes many other features and processes based on our model, and looking forward to seeing if Holochain will be a fit when it comes time to implement.

Looking forward to reading more of these threads and connecting with you all.


Hi, my name is Anton and I am helping to organise the Holochain community in Slovakia.

I am still learning and slowly trying to wrap my head around all the ideas of the Metacurrency Project and the mechanics and logic of everything Holo. Thanks for this forum and I hope I will be able to meet a lot of you in person !


Hello! My name is Akira from Manila, Philippines.
I run a software development start-up and I am fascinated by technologies that have the potential to change the world.

Hopefully we could learn and connect so we can come up with impactful solutions and applications.


Ok, so I will briefly introduce myself here, because I share this interest in facilitating open scholarly communication.

There are so many nice people in this community so I think that is enough for now.

Right now I am initiating a dialogue about using the julia language to boost the holochain services.


Hey-o. Just wanted to say hi from Oregon. I honestly haven’t been this excited about a technology since ActionScript!

Oh, my names ryan. You can find me @archae0pteryx everywhere fine goods are sold.