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Hi how is everyone? I am from the San Francisco Bay Area and looking forward to getting my Holoport.

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Hi, I’m living in melbourne. we’re going to use Holo as identity manager in our startup. Multiple identities allows us to manage human connections with different level of anonymity.
I’ve known about Holo since 2018. One of my friends told me about the concept and I got Holo is what I’ve been looking for. I met Arthur and the team back in April for the first time. I had a few brief conversations in mattermost. Starting new here…

I know a thing or two about marketing and markets. I’ll be happy to help you with your business/marketing ideas. :grin::+1:t4:


Hi Cyrus, great to see you here! We are having a Meetup tomorrow night (Thursday the 7th) at YBF on William and Bourke, be great if you can make it!

Sure Mike, see you there :wink:

Hi all. Cameron Burgess here from Uncompromise. Long time supporter of the work being done by the Holo team. Lead author of From Billions to Trillions, a concept paper that describes how to mobilise the missing trillions from mainstream capital markets to address the sustainable Development Goals through the cooperative development of distributed legal, financial and digital infrastructure. In it we describe our intention to use Holochain at the core of what we are calling Market Networks toward this end.

The work isn’t conceptual, but actual, with support from the likes of the Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

We are now progressing into the next stage, and would like to start using Holo in our development, beginning with basic digital identity across multiple applications, as shown in the Holochain Identity Manager.

We are working with a number of clients who are preparing to fund our work, which means we are now in the position to begin development in earnest against a number of aligned use cases.

I am NOT an engineer, but a systems designer, and am attempting to get my head around what is necessary to start integrating Holo into our development.

Any support to this end would be appreciated.

PS: we’re currently working with and advising @Mushin from Jala on the wonderful work he’s doing there.


I think the best way to start into the Holochain developer world would be to join one of the Hackathons (upcoming next week in Barcelona and in early December in New York).

Where are you based?

Thanks @raphisee,

I’m not a developer, but a systems designer, and managing partner at two different organisations that are seeking to leverage Holo in some specific, client-funded use cases. I’d love to have the time to go to a Hackathon, but am specifically looking for answers on how to cost a set of holo driven functions into a number of client-funded open, distributed digital infrastructure projects we are working on. The digital identity manager is at the root of these requirements, and is something we would like to see modified to include any form of entity, although in the first instance that would look like individuals and organisations. I am intending to head to Dortmund next week to connect with Jean Russel and some of the holo developers there. In the meantime, if there’s anyone in the business of consulting on holo projects, I’d love to find out more about what you’re all doing, so that we can find the right connections to pay to work on these projects.

I’m based in the south of France, with partners in Europe, Australia, and North America.

My other company Sphaera would be the contracting party on this project, and one of the requirements we have is migrating data out of our product and into Holo in order to radically increase data mobility. Once we have a proof of concept, we have other data providers who are willing to follow suit.


I introduced myself briefly a while back in this thread, however I would like to say more.

I first got involved with Ethereum in 2017, after studying renewable energy engineering and working in the sector for a couple of years, and finding out about local electricity trading. I was disenchanted by the pace of change to address climate change and sustainable development, and the barriers preventing addressing these quickly enough. After studying and contributing with Ethereum as an editor and developer for a year and a half with only a generous but inadequate donation from a community member, I had to look for a job. I got a job back in the renewable energy sector in July but due to mistakes about tone in communications and attention to detail I had to leave. When I found about Holochain, Ceptr and the Metacurrency project, not long after I started looking for a job after contributing with Ethereum in February, from a job posting for a Rust developer, these immediately caught my keen interest, and I grew steadily more convinced that Holochain was superior to Ethereum and other blockchains. (You can probably also build blockchains as happs, but for every possible use case there isn’t a good reason to do so).

I’m keen to contribute with Holochain core development, and hopefully get involved long-term. Also, if you’re involved with happs or a Holochain related project, feel free to message me to see how I may be able to help!


Hi! I’m Georg Granér, a swede still in Sweden, but I have packed my backpack and plan to leave any week now. Where is still an open question and if anyone has suggestions for a Holochain friendly destination in Europe I’m all ears! My CV is hard to explain, but includes 15 years as a cab driver, funding of companies and a PhD in molecular cell biology from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, anyway the plan is to live as a digital nomad for now. I’m still learning about both Rust and Holochain, so don’t expect any hApps from me any time soon!

That said, if anyone thinks that I might be useful don’t hesitate to ask for help. I do know a few things about, for instance, molds; ping @ViktorZaunders :wink:


Hi @cameron, I would like to understand the details of your requirements. Our team has extensive experience in converting complicated data. I am in Australia, so your morning might be a good time for a skype session. You can find me as “ajkevents”.


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Hi everyone!:grinning:

I’m Alina, just joined Dev Empowerment Team at Holochain as a graphic designer and really exited about it :slight_smile: I live in Barcelona and hope to meet some of you here!

Happy to be here and looking forward to interesting conversations


Hi @tggraner, welcome. My co RedGrid is using biomimicry to model electrical grids… I’d love to gain more insights from you on biological systems at molecular and cellular levels :blush:.


Cross-linking to the discussion on this PR https://github.com/holochain/holochain-rust/pull/1775#issuecomment-551840562 for clarity about context.

Hello! I’m Serra, just learned about Holochain yesterday and it looks pretty exciting! Interested in collaborating, as well as seeing if a Mastodon <-> Facebook bridge app is feasible with Holochain


Reading through this thread it really feels like ‘welcome to the future’ - one which might not end up being a dystopia (for once).

It’s clear if one watches any news bulletin that the old system is terminally ill, what is obvious now however is that a new one is - although still in seed form - on the way to being born. :slight_smile:


Hello, I am Pekka, and old-timer.

I started programming in 1979, got connected to the Internet in 1987, started working with computer security in 1988, and tried to launch a microcurrency just before the internet bubble burst in 2000.

I met with Matthew and Arthur last week.

I am now trying to dive deep into Holochain. As I started with crypto protocols back in 1992 or so, tried currency design in 1999 and then again lately, published a paper or two about trust and PoW in 1998–2001, worked 2002–2003 with Berkeley I3 (one of the first DHTs), and know a bit or two about things from weak consistency (especially CRDTs) to econophysics, my questions may be different from usual newbies here.

(As I have been to the Internet longer than Google, Google knows a tad too much about me. Feel free to check my credentials and reveal my student sins. :nerd_face: And kindly forgive my arrogance. :blush: I’ve been in the Internet too long and perhaps forgotten the netiquette.)

So, please consider being warned and please bear with me once I get started with my questions. But I first need to learn how to behave here. :sunglasses:

Also, if you feel like needing some opinionated background on the history of cryptocurrencies (since David Chaum in 1980s) or other ancient perspective, feel free to ask.


Hello. My name is Shilo.
I’m a visual artist from Washington state, very interested in the social change aspects of the work being done with Holo, Holochain, MetaCurrency etc. Excited to connect.



I am Oguz Koroglu from Turkey. I am a .NET Developer since 2007. I have also knowledge about C++, python, objective c, javascript and a little bit GOLANG. I have interest in blockchain and holochain. I have worked on branch-less banking,online payment systems and mobile wallets professionally in Turkey. I have invested approximately 600-700K HOT in my binance account. I want to also investing some knowledge about this project too. I decided to learn Rust and develop holochain applications.

linkedin: https://linkedin.com/in/oguzkoroglu
github: https://github.com/ogu83



I’m António from Lisbon, and I’ve just started playing around with Holochain.
Nice to be here


Hi all,

I’m Gav from London.

Only got interested in Holochain in the past few weeks. Initially recommended to me by key influencers in the XRP community. The social goodwill of holochain along with obsolescence of blockchain for consensus resonates well.

I’m not a developer but watching this video is insightful to watch how an Ethereum-esque developer absorbs holochain perspective.

Happy to be here.