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Rainforest currency Dashboard

Team Size: Currently 5 business-oriented people for fundraising and marketing. I’m the product lead but we don’t have a real CTO yet.

Description: Creating a dashboard and mutual credit currencies to support rainforest regeneration in the Amazon Headwaters

Resources: www.amazonlegacy.com

Similar app or site: link any similar projects

I am at…: Fundraising stage.

My skills:
Marketing and writing 8
Systems thinking and architecture design (General) 8
Holochain understanding 5
Programming 0
Speaking and evangelism 10
Team and project management 10
Competitive and industry knowledge 8

Most important right now is to find a CTO who can help us assess the tools we need.
It would be great to have some people who want to build some kind of PoC or even just something that we can show potential investors as we go through the fundraising stage.

Right now I am spending about 15/hours week on the project and the leader of the project is full time. Others are advisory roles

What do I need: We need some good tech people.


Is there any contact or relation with local people there? are they involved in the process of building app?

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We have people on our advisory board from Pachamama Alliance and Amazon Watch, so we will be building together with local communities in Equador. We are still at the assessment of needs and fundraising stages but of course the intention is to do work on the ground with the people.

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that is great. So you mentioned you need tech people. To help you for design, architect and implementation?
If so, do you have all written User Stories and use cases of application? Business Rules and etc?

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No, we are just starting. I am proposing this based on your invitation to the Forum. We don’t need to start building at this time, but if there are people interested in this project (or people who want to work with me because I’m cool), this is an opportunity to start building something and get a team to start to coalesce.

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@GraceR I would like to volunteer in creating User Stories (or requirements) if you like. @hedayat thank you for kick starting this discussion - it seems RainForestCurrency team is in infancy and before technical details are worked out clarity of business flow and/or end user interaction will definitely help to onboard developers.

Brief Introduction

Graduate from Medical School in India, currently employed as IT professional in Health Industry in US. Resident of Chandler, Arizona.


  • Communication skills 8
  • Team work and Collaboration skills 8
  • Documentation skills (User Stories) 8
  • Programming 3
  • Operating in Global Context 6

Commitment to Project:

  • Personal Alignment - “To restore Forest ecosystem on our planet”
  • Can commit 2 hours a week on a flexible schedule basis

If interested we can exchange contact information in private message and setup our first introductory session.


Hi @Aryabhatta! Right now my team and I are focused on business plan. We definitely would welcome your help. I need another week or two to get everything coordinated and be able to use your skills. My email is rebecca at ganglysister dot com so please reach out.

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