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GPS Handler

A GPS data storing, route calculation, route comparison microservice.

I would like to explore the posibilities of what can be done with the gps data that each agent stores for themselves.
First how to store such data.
Then find out if there is a way to compare these routes that agents record daily, in a distributed way, without the need for a central point where the comparisons take place ?

The use case would be to pair people with very simillar routes to enable for example:

  • carpooling of neighbours that share an almost identical route to work but dont know about each other
  • pairing demand from a postal package sender - with other user who is traveling, or planning to travel in the same trajectory as the package should.
  • calculating meeting points of package delivery workers to exchange packages that need to change direction etc…
    or have a look at Shareful

How would handling and encryption of the position data look? …to keep the positions of users private, but still be able to compare routes of all users in a circle of for example 5km?
Zero knowledge proofs come to mind but I am not sure if and how it can be utilised, and how big are the holes that my logic around this has :)) Therefore I need more brains to look here

I hope that my english is understandable.

Team Size: 1

Resources: Basic structure and related ideas documented

Similar app or site: dont know

I am at…: Idea phase, could have many use cases if its possible to build.
Also in need of a design session to create schematics and consider options.

Various, not much coding

Commitment: Right now I would commit to a few design sessions to see where interest is at. @ViktorZaunders hope you are not angry that I copied a bit of your happ description here but I really did not know what to write here :smiley: Let me know when you are free to have a call.

What do I need: Talk to technically oriented people well versed in the structure of holochain.


Integration of What3Words would be awesome


Wow thanks for posting, looks like an interesting idea

Hi There

I like this idea and was thinking of some other GPS uses. I have even been thinking of creating new Holo/linux phone/device with GPS but no sim card. I think new phone tech may come out in the next few years related to Skylink that will allow this. I would like to see GPS data tracked but private and secured for say family members or social groups. I do not think this is easily done as far as I know on current networks other than using a VPN. I don’t mind sharing some data with government bodies but not corporations. When I talk on my phone and then get ads related to my conversation I see it as an infringement on my privacy. I know Apps are supposed to ask for permission but it seems it is sometimes missed.

Anyway great idea, I have about 100 app ideas just for GPS alone lol…



@Anton thank you for starting this thread and thank you @bierlingm for sharing what3words.com, I would definitely like to join this discussion group alongside people with strong technical background.

Group can find my non-tech skills offering here, this way helping group move along and focus on the problem we are solving when we hit a road block or go in circles or go down a rabbit hole.

Recently diving into the world of Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) has made me realize how much benefit we have in exploring HTM Encoders in pursuing this exercise.


“Grid Cell” a biological corollary to GPS:

A grid cell is a type of neuron within the entorhinal cortex that fires at regular intervals as an animal navigates an open area, allowing it to understand its position in space by storing and integrating information about location, distance, and direction.

To learn more about Grid Cell in context to world of HTM watch HTM School (Episode 14) Grid Cells.

Warning: Usually for someone jumping in the middle of HTM School playlist can find it daunting (as there are many concepts from neuroscience at root of HTM), my recommendation is to start at the beginning. If you need help please ping me, since I might be able to address some confusions on biological side of things.


@Anton Would you like to open this topic(design, architect and also implementation) in Virtual Hacklong?


Yes I would be happy to do so : )

S7 Foundation - is the organization behind HoloWeb / HoloMap ( @loveisthemedicine )

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@Qubeo Jakub recommends reading WhitePaper by Ocean Protocol to understand role of Trusted Third Party organization providing “DataServices” and the value they bring in problems such as “Travel Planning”.

Problem which needs to address following components:

  • Location Data
  • Traffic Data
  • Map Data
  • Routing Data
  • Anonymization
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I would love to expand the discussion about how GPS modules could look and work and which varieties are needed for which kinds of applications.

If some of you are interested in this topic please pm me and lets talk further or organise a public call to brainstorm in a larger group.