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Holoport for sale

No I am still in possession of it. I would be happy to sell.

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@pazzekalle thank you for your response. I tried searching for more about you under Introduction thread of the froum. It appears you joined the forum in April and one month into it you wish to sell your HoloPort.

I can surely help you with that, if you are in need of cash and what you are offering is definitely a good offer at 50% discount.

It would be kind on your part to elaborate why do you wish to sell your holoport. For example you stated it was too technical for you but did not provide more details, so its difficult for other community members to help you.

Hoping the experience around registration process did not throw you off. Do check out my post attempting to help Late Registrants like myself by bringing their experience together in one thread and helping them out in the process.

I think it’s mostly that I have too many other things going on and don’t have the time to maintain it properly. Yes I would sell it for USD550, shipping on buyers side if you could help me with that. It’s all ready to go as well.


Can you clarify if you Registered the HoloPort reading instruction manual?

Will the next user have to install it, just to make sure you have not created any dependency, especially considering HoloPorts when shipped were tied to you, but since its being transferred we need to ensure its a clean transfer so that they get listed on the Holo.Host forum and not you.

Also ensure for transparency you share the receipt - which confirms your purchase amount and thus one can verify discount is legit. Since HoloPort and HoloPort+ look the same visually - though HoloPort cost ~$500 and HoloPort+ cost $1000.

Meanwhile I will get the word out in my network and get people interested to offload it for you.

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hi to all i have holoport for sell . if any one intrested for this holo port its in the orginal box .
i will send it to who every wants to buy it ! shipping cost is for the buyer !

msg me if you need the holoport



@dvsmindz85 @gerrit - myself (2 uninstalled holoport owner) and @Daya (HOT investor) are community members like yourself who have been noticing this trend (here in the forum and telegram channel) and are interested in understanding motivations.

So that we can relay the message to the core team responsible for community relations (@carolyn, @bear, @dcatki). Such that we all as part of the community can Listen to each others concern and help each other out.

I am in the market for a 50% off Holoport if Holo Inc is open to co facilitate this kind of transfers. It comes with some administration I suppose. There is multiple people advertising to sell their ports though I can’t say for sure if it is real or scam.

its not scam i just want to sell it because it is not what i was looking for plus there is noway im going to put more effort in this . and its not user friendly to use for people who wants to start from scratch .



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I would like to sell because of the slow progress. I was a indieggo backer so I go back to the beginning. The roadmap is far behind where I would like it to be and I don’t have the time nor the patience to wait. I have personal things going on in my life that by the time holo goes live and there is a swap I won’t be able dedicate time for this. If there is a specific place where I could sell my device I’d greatly appreciate it

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Hey @dvsmindz85,

I think posting about it on the holo forum which you should have access to as a holo host is going to be your best bet. Otherwise, maybe ebay?

@gerrit thank you for opening up. If you are a non-techie feeling overwhelmed with it… join the party :wink: you have plenty of company here…

@dvsmindz85 cheers on being indieggo backer… “I hear you” on the RoadMap, for that you will have to wait another year or so until the ecosystem catches up… regarding Life! we all have our fair share of stories… for example with a 3y/o, 1y/o, full time day job, above that volunteering my time and effort here in this space without any perks… says it all…!!! everyone will have to find their own Reason to be here… :slight_smile:

There is a big ReFactoring push going on with core HoloChain similar to what Ethereum team is working on to address long term scalability challenges with DHTs i.e. to avoid incurring Technical Debt.

Many hApp developers are also struggling with that, waiting for next HoloChain release. Though there is fantastic leadership emerging amongst the community members who have created weekly #events:virtual-hackalong to help developers as well as people with ideas to learn from each other and keep them motivated.

So in short don’t bail out so easily, instead join hands and build our community, if you can.

@bear not sure if they can really go to Holo Host forum to sell their HoloPorts. eBay surely can be an option, but that is again an UpHill battle for the seller having to educate the Buyer. For they have a better chance of selling here or within one of our telegram channels than eBay.

@pazzekalle you potentially have a buyer @Daya here. Your 50% discount offer is too lucrative.

I have a spare standard Holoport I would like to sell also (not a +).

If above are already sold, send me a message for some photos etc. Happy to sell for 50% ($250) and buyer pays postage.

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@Holonaut some questions below:

@Daya another offer from @Holonaut $250 for HoloPort
@pazzekalle is offering HoloPort+ at $500.

The basic Holoport at 250usd would be my preference. Thanks @Aryabhatta to find a way for this.

Hello @pazzekalle and @Holonaut, I am interested, do you still have them for sale?

@pazzekalle @Holonaut I could be interested too.
Any of you in EU? (Would make things easier, we have a very hight custom for goods coming from where ever else here).

Mine is sold sorry.

I am based in Switzerland but I can send it from France too. I would still be interested in selling mine. I am on holiday now but back Sunday next week. I can send it Monday in 10 days if we can agree on USD500. Shipping is on me.


Pls check PMs :wink:

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Holoport plus for sale looking for 750. Set it up but no longer interested in project. Message me if interested thanks!