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Holoport for sale

HI There

Anybody keen on buying my Holoport for 50% off. It’s in superb condition. Opened once and too technical for me.

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What grade of holoport is this?

What do you mean by grade? It’s the plus version if thats what you want to know.

I’ll buy it.

Ok how do you want to proceed. Where are you based?

I’m in Oklahoma City. Do you have PayPal?

I am happy to send it to the US and will declare a low amount so no taxes have to be paid. How do you want to proceed?

@pazzekalle was the transaction completed? Just wondering.

World of holochain is new to me especially since I am not a developer, so learning by doing it. From what I have learnt so far, in my opinion I wouldnt discount the effort holochain organization is putting into getting things moving. Instead its our job as ‘owners’, ‘members’, ‘supporters’ to do our bit, by offering our Trust, Patience and Help.

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No I am still in possession of it. I would be happy to sell.

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@pazzekalle thank you for your response. I tried searching for more about you under Introduction thread of the froum. It appears you joined the forum in April and one month into it you wish to sell your HoloPort.

I can surely help you with that, if you are in need of cash and what you are offering is definitely a good offer at 50% discount.

It would be kind on your part to elaborate why do you wish to sell your holoport. For example you stated it was too technical for you but did not provide more details, so its difficult for other community members to help you.

Hoping the experience around registration process did not throw you off. Do check out my post attempting to help Late Registrants like myself by bringing their experience together in one thread and helping them out in the process.

I think it’s mostly that I have too many other things going on and don’t have the time to maintain it properly. Yes I would sell it for USD550, shipping on buyers side if you could help me with that. It’s all ready to go as well.


Can you clarify if you Registered the HoloPort reading instruction manual?

Will the next user have to install it, just to make sure you have not created any dependency, especially considering HoloPorts when shipped were tied to you, but since its being transferred we need to ensure its a clean transfer so that they get listed on the Holo.Host forum and not you.

Also ensure for transparency you share the receipt - which confirms your purchase amount and thus one can verify discount is legit. Since HoloPort and HoloPort+ look the same visually - though HoloPort cost ~$500 and HoloPort+ cost $1000.

Meanwhile I will get the word out in my network and get people interested to offload it for you.

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