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Holoport for sale

@Holonaut some questions below:

@HotAgent another offer from @Holonaut $250 for HoloPort
@pazzekalle is offering HoloPort+ at $500.

The basic Holoport at 250usd would be my preference. Thanks @Aryabhatta to find a way for this.

Hello @pazzekalle and @Holonaut, I am interested, do you still have them for sale?

@pazzekalle @Holonaut I could be interested too.
Any of you in EU? (Would make things easier, we have a very hight custom for goods coming from where ever else here).

Mine is sold sorry.

I am based in Switzerland but I can send it from France too. I would still be interested in selling mine. I am on holiday now but back Sunday next week. I can send it Monday in 10 days if we can agree on USD500. Shipping is on me.


Pls check PMs :wink:

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