Youtube type hApp

Hi, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post as it is not "being built’.

But I am trying to put out to the public what a hApp mimicking YouTube built on Holochain would look like.

I have had some discussions with @Sol and @pauldaoust about this and would appreciate any further input from the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

So the reason I would love to see such an application is the way it would be able to scale and also unlike other new video applications this one if created properly would be able to capture the Crypto Twitter audience very quickly to begin to build a solid user based before it moves to mainstream (normal people :laughing:)

The biggest issue is Youtube arbitrarily banning channels, not just crypto but other big channels and or singular controversial videos.

And any hApp created will obviously need to be able to remove illicit content, so there would need to be some form of centrality to it.

Talking with Paul he said it would be possible for each new channel to be its own new DHT which I think it is a pretty cool idea.
That would mean though that its very difficult to shut it down so I wonder if a youtube style application was created could the app be created (and I guess this is a question for any hApp created) be forced to become a host as well?

So that each new channel created must undergo KYC and also be required to host, even if there are many hosts for a singular channel, would forcing a new channel rule that they must undergo KYC and host be enough of a deterrent to stop any illicit content being uploaded?

The last thing a new hApp would need would be to have some illicit content it would only take one video and then the entire thing would be labelled some kind of deep web illegal video site which would kill it instantly.

Or do you think it would be much safer for a creator to just make it a centralized application with monitoring and the ability to remove illicit content?


App based on “VideoData” can be very very very heavy!!!

  • Why would you like to store videos as DHTs??? (i.e. replicated over multiple servers which is computationally and hosting currency wise expensive)

  • Consider it from a vantage point of host - why would they want to support your heavy app for few bucks - as your app is going to load up their system???

Though on the flip side application where peers are trading “collection of their curated content URLs” (as DHTs) which definitely has value in a world of Information Overload thereby directing the other peer to the server to download or to stream content from, putting onus on peer to use up their storage or bandwidth to view.

This can also be achieved by building an app on top of H-Wiki, just a thought!!!

@spirit thank you for sharing about Lbry
@bierlingm good to know that you know people behind this
@WorldOfHolochain we have someting already built, but Not on Holochain!


  • What is the value in having redundant VideoDataStorage?
  • What is their business model, if storing videos on DHTs start becoming expensive over time?

It would be helpful understand the technical nuance behind this.

apparently lbry plans to use/take 10% of the LBC coin produced in the blockchain to cover operational costs

like most blockchain projects, it of course is a gamble based on the speculative financial fluctuations in an ecosystem of new blockchain currencies

in my opinion, there are only 3 sustainable ways of becoming financially sustainable over the long term

1: foundation funding (eg wikipedia)
2: crowdfunding
3: direct charge for service (eg subscription)

there are other models (eg advertising) but imo these 3 models are the only ones which can be done long-term in an ethical way

i think ideas like lbry are great because they provide outlets to more open, transparent, ethical, non-censored information and alternatives to platforms like google, facebook, youtube, etc

a lot of these ideas have not bridged the gap of long-term sustainability yet, but hopefully more and more will soon

but your questions are valid and i don’t see they have fully resolved the questions you propose in a way that seem satisfactory to me

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