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2020-07-15T14:00:00Z Zoom Link @bierlingm looking forward to having an audience.

LBRY (Youtube Replacement?) thread and Youtube type hAPP thread in the forum inspired me to follow up with LBRY team, to my surprise their team was prompt in replying and offered 30 mins of their CEO’s time 2020-07-15T14:00:00Z to discuss following:

  • Backend Challenges
  • Business Model Challenges

Previous questions replied by LBRY team:

What is the value in having redundant VideoDataStorage?
Right now LBRY re-hosts all content, but we can’t do this long term. In the future, we hope to have a data market where seeders are paid to host content and downloads will have to purchase bandwidth or watch ads.

What is their business model, if storing videos on DHTs start becoming expensive over time?
The 2nd question also falls in line with first. LBRY will still act as a host for popular content, and can choose to charge for it also.

Please ping me here to be included on this limited audience zoom session. I plan on posting the Recording and Annotated discussion flow here.

Ping to all those who have engaged with this topic.

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I’m in. Suggest times and I’ll see whether I can make it. I’m in Portugal, so WEST timezone.

Call Schedule:

Interview with LBRY CEO (Jeremy Kauffman)
Zoom Link Duration: 30 mins
@bierlingm around 3pm Lisbon time

To discuss following:

  • Backend Challenges
  • Business Model Challenges

I’m sorry I couldn’t make it, Aryabhatta!

What are your main takeaways from the call?

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LBRY is a Protocol

For Decentralized

  • Content Discovery
  • Content Distribution
  • Content Purchase

Empowering creator by controlling CreatorIdentity locally and their users with LBRY Desktop. While LBRY TV offers service to publish and host content. Other app builder can use the LBRY protocol and build on top of that, some of them have done that by downloading LBRY SDK while LBRY team raised funds by issuing token, with significant chunk with the team. LBRY team hopes that community of seeders by using these LBC Library Credits Token will create Utility value for them.

In simple words they aspire to be DataNetwork enabling ContentCreators by managing ProfilePayment relationship from end user perspective while on the backend they are like bit torrent.

Sharing end user prespective:

  • Takes time orienting to interface.
  • UI experience consistent between web and desktop version.
  • System of LBC token can be little confusing for new user.
    • LBC token charged for creating a channel and then publishing content.
    • Admin cost payable with LBC token!
    • LBC can be earned via Rewards system.
  • Content published can be Priced in LBC token or USD for viewing or downloading.
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