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is there a white paper for Holo-Rea? I would love to understand the concept and approach of it!

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@WaelAura The best people to talk to are Bob Haugen, Lynn Foster, and Pospi. They can point you to some introductory and advanced materials about REA on the Internet. All the information about applying REA accounting to Holochain can be found if you dig around in https://github.com/holo-rea/


cool concept works against the stream which is good for sure. I couldn’t find the category for my business while signup. Am in manufacturing wooden furniture and other interior applications from wood.


I might!

Hi all, I’m Marcus from Sydney Australia. The project I’m trying to get off the ground is Omni, a platform for unencloseable scholarly communication. The concepts behind Holochain have dramatically shifted my initial aim to simply disintermediate academic publishing to creating a thriving scholarly commons that is capable of much greater sense-making than the existing scholarly structure.

I do need help, however. This is way bigger than me and I’ve only been learning to code for 12 months. I trust that the design will emerge as more people get around it and discuss. I want this to be grounded in the principles of Holochain and related projects, it’s not just scholarly communication V1.1

I also organise Holochain meetups in Sydney with Nathan Waters.


Hello everyone, Joachim from Brooklyn, NY. Co-founder of https://diglife.com and https://changeagentsworldwide.com/, working on Tech We Trust, Future of Work, Social Ledger and Cooperation-as-a-Service.


I’m Philip Beadle, hApp dev, engineer, tester, talker and demonstrator of all things Holo/chain. I’m in Melbourne with David Meister and Tom Gowan. I also love DJing Techno.
Let’s do this!!


Hello ,I’m @crypto$Jesus Glad to be here with my fellow Holonauts.


@WaelAura thanks for saying and for checking out the product!

I should take a harder look at the categories as I mostly ripped them from Yelp, but in Local Pros there are a few furniture related one but maybe not an exact match and then in Home Services you can select “Carpenter” , which would probably be the closest.

I’ll be fleshing this out as I go so any suggestions for categories to add would be appreciated, and I’ll be happy to add it!

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Hello all! I’m Sid, founder of a project called Sacred Capital. We’re building the foundations of a Reputation Based Economy. This involves a technical piece known as the Reputation Interchange as well as creative conversations/workshops/hackathons around designing reputation systems. We’re currently bringing together resources for both these aspects over the next few months.

Look forward to interacting! More about my personal journey and the larger vision is in this interview with the Holochain Citizen.


G’day everyone, I’m Nick and I’m the founder of humm.earth. What a great idea to start up these forums!

I started the Fractal Sovereignty holochain podcast and am one of the organisers for the Byron Bay Holochain Meetup. If you’re in the area be sure to drop in and say hi.

At the moment I’m getting native bees going on the farm and planting out the plants and flowers they love so that’s where I’m spending my free time these days. When I’m not in Australia I’m usually visiting ancient sites learning about local indigenous stories and natural medicines.

Really happy to be here :honeybee:


Greetings and Salutations,
I’m a Holochain team member and have done just a little hApp development.
Happy to help out however I can!

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Hi there, just a lover of the principles behind Holochain, the nature-inspired design, also believer of its potential.
I’m mostly in Taiwan, but around New Zealand now for a couple months.

Hello everyone!

I’ve been learning about Holochain for a few months. Trying to wrap my brain around the concept. Still not sure I fully understand it. However, I am fascinated by the technology.

I got an email saying this discourse launched and figured this was an opportunity to get involved as a contributor.

I am a web developer and worked for Sears for 5 years before I got laid off last year. I have wanted to get involved in blockchain for 2 years. I hesitated for a long time.

Around six months after I got laid off, I started driving rideshare to pay bills. I didn’t have much luck finding a job in web development and I’ve kinda lost passion in that industry. So I chose to earn significantly less until I learned how to get my foot in the door as a blockchain developer.

While driving rideshare I would regularly listen to podcasts about blockchain technology. I heard a podcast about Holochain and Holo. From that day forward I was obsessed about learning more.

I admit the reason I wanted to learn more is because the platform is built primarily in JavaScript. I’ve written in JavaScript for years and felt it would be much easier to learn Holo and Holochain than any other platform. Plus, I absolutely loved that it was not a blockchain.

Blockchain is a slow technology and it’s quite redundant. So Holochain just made more sense to me when it comes to scalability.

I still wanted to figure out how to get my foot in the door as a contributor. So I went to the website and started reading about how to start contributing.

Honestly, I got a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information I needed to absorb to get started. So I decided to figure out how to build my skills with something a bit more simple.

I found a tutorial that teaches how to build a blockchain in JavaScript with Node JS. I’ve been working on this project for a few weeks now. I am currently still working on it. I am almost done with the backend part of it.

I’ve also been learning linear algebra and I’m waiting for approval for a grant to go back to school for computer science and data science training. I want to improve my programming skills.

I’m still doing rideshare to earn an income, but my goal is to eventually contribute to Holochain. Before I became a web developer I learned using open source software like Drupal and Wordpress. I never contributed to either of those communities, but I would learn how to build within those platforms.

I am hoping to actually contribute to Holochain. I’m a little nervous about it to be honest, but right now I’m dedicated to stepping outside my comfort zone. That’s the best way to learn.

I hope that I can eventually become a level 4 someday. I know it won’t be easy and could take some time, but I’m actually excited to take on that challenge.

I hope to meet and get to know all of you better here. I can’t wait to make my first contribution.

Thanks for reading my long introduction.


@lshaw28 Thank you for introducing yourself in such a thoughtful way. Appreciate the background share including about “stepping outside my (your) comfort zone”


agreed – loved your vulnerable and honest sharing @lshaw28. Thank you!


@lshaw28 I admire your vulnerability and thank you for sharing your journey with us. Indeed, it’s possible to get to level 4. Looking forward to hearing about your learning/development journey.

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Hi guys… Hadi here from Indonesia… nice to mee u all


So nice to read all the introductions and super happy with the forum.

My name is Adriaan and Guillem and I run the Barcelona Dev community. It started as a way to connect with people who are looking into learning Holochain development. And it is turning into a group of friends who share the same values and interests. Super nice :ok_hand:

Hopefully the forum can help with connecting and growing a global community. Looking forward to contribute and become part of this.


Hi, Joe here aka @JoeCryptoKnight in Telegram.
Yay! we have a Holochain forum. Thank you DHT and Holo team!

I’ve been following Holochain for over a year.
This is my first time to follow something this long and almost everyday.
Probably because of the cool people in the team, community, cool tech, and cool projects building on Holochain. So when beta launch?
But seriously, I believe Holochain, the commons engine, and the metacurrency project are what the world needs to solve some of the global problems.

Looking forward to the growth of the community and Holochain.


Thank you Art! I also prefer the dark mode/theme.
For those who want to set to dark theme,
go to your login icon on the upper right, click on the cogwheel icon/preference, Interface. Set Theme from Light to Dark. Then “Save Changes”.