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Grüezi :slight_smile:
I’m Raphi from Zürich Switzerland, where I help to organize the Holochain Meetups. I’m very interested in the new and emerging socio-economic systems it will take for humanity and the ecosystem to survive and thrive. This leads me to involvements in local communities and projects and in the Holochain ecosystem.


Hey everyone, I’m Mavin. I’m from Germany and I love creating visual content.

Although I only speak two languages and unfortunately none of them is code, I’m looking forward to learn more about Holochain, Happs and coding itself in here. And who knows, maybe I’ll one day be able to join the conversations and contribute to it too :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. I’m Matt Longs. @mattlongs23 on Twitter and also on Telegram. I have been healthily obsessed with holochain since the indigogo days. I’m especially interested in how the emerging ecosystem will enable sovereignty and new ways of interacting and exchanging value with each other. I also have a particular passion for the hypergroove project.


Hi I’m Willem from Tasmania.

I’m a holochain core dev but I’ve also been involved as a HApp dev and created one of the dev camps.

Happy to answer questions about design patterns and hApp architecture as well as provide a window into the core dev team.


Hi! DHT here @dhtnetwork. I am passionate about Holochain developer and user education and empowerment. I want to see how we work together to expand Holochain, contribute to the ecosystem, and support each other in learning, understanding, and using Holochain to improve our daily technical and social experiences.

My team (Dev Empowerment Team @pauldaoust @freesig @Kolo) and I are focused on delivering Holochain educational resources, developer documentation, and community tools (Holochain Forum, Holochain Blog, etc.) to empower developers and projects and facilitate a smooth experience for everyone learning with Holochain.


My name is Wael from Global Palestine, a 21-century nation-building project am working on to solve the issue of borders and fragmentation between our people, building a model for other nations to become hopefully one global community. The people’s Holo-Ecology of Global Palestine is to compare with decentralized self-organized DLT-eResidents.
Further more I work on the Global Brain App GBA along this vision. I know Art Brock from the debates about GBA seed last decade :slight_smile: … he introduced me to dynamic alignment tool and metacurrency.
On the ground am looking forward to develop an open collab enterprise as crypro-coop and p2p incubator. My passion is Permaculture and environmental projects, CSA, working with kids and youth in these fields.
Formally am managing a carpentry in Jenin. I spend 17 years in Germany and returned back home end 2009.
Now getting help developing a tool/app for swarms integral collaboration, where missions created by app agent will get accomplished through other engagement of other agents. This tool will be the scaffold and seed of Global Brain app and the main engine in ALBAYDER.
I use Gdoc to document my engagement under an org name I’ve called Human Lab:




My name is Cris. I have also gone by TVG. I’m looking forward to seeing this project progress and change the established norms to a better system.



Interesting … We need this service in Palestine :slight_smile:
A service delivery hApp would be very useful in general, such as for hand made crafts , organic vegies, hand made cakes,… all from underdeveloped rural areas. Am planning such a delivery business to uncover resources in nature and community … am open for collab


Hello All – Arthur here.

Most of you know me as Holochain’s architect and co-founder… But I have to say Holochain has taken on a bit of a life of its own, and my focus is moving further from software dev and into writing, speaking, and supporting the community and devs wanting to build on Holochain.

Of course, I still have other currency projects I plan to build on it too, but let’s just get Holo launched as the first one, shall we?

I’m usually traveling. So much so that I put all my stuff in storage almost 5 years ago. It may still be another few years before I have a home again.

Looking forward to seeing what emerges in this new Forum space!


P.S. The first thing I did after confirming my email was to request we add the user option to select light/dark theme. So hopefully we’ll have something gentler on the eyes soon. :slight_smile:


Hey all! I’m Nick Mitchell & I’m the Head of Product at humm.

I’m so excited that this forum has launched. (We just recently moved all of our internal communications to a Discourse instance as well.)


Hi, my name is Vladimír, I live in Bratislava, Slovakia. I am an IGG campaign investor and I am currently addressing the implementation of holochain and holohost in self-installing WIFI6 access points (802.11 ax). I love the philosophy of CEPTR :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I’m Thomas Bjerring from Copenhagen, Denmark. I’ve been a huge fan of holo since I heard about it during the indiegogo campaign.

I’m not a dev but rather a builder or entrepreneur and I’ve been looking forward to join a forum where ideas can be shared and discussed. I’ll be working to find ways of making services that utilises the possibilities that holochain brings to the table. Services that will impact the lives of people in general.



G’day it’s Mike… great to see familiar and new names here. I run the Meetup in Melbourne and I work at RedGrid, an AI-based IoT energy startup. A future spinoff may be adappt.io, which is creating visualisation tools for DHT-based networks and currency design. Big fan of biomimicry and the bio it mimics :).


Very cool to see Holochain with a Discourse forum!

My name is Mark, I’m the founder of https://giverrang.com

Checkout the site for the consumer slant, but from a technical standpoint we are a p2p discounts platform based on ‘mutual credit’. :brain: Brain twister, I know! Utilizing discounts as the point of leverage allows us to bridge the money world with cashless exchange (a sort of partial barter), encouraging more exchange, more wealth, and educating people in the process on how value can be facilitated, and not all has to be through money.

In researching mutual credit phrasing I found Arthur and the Meta Currency project. From there I fell into the rabbit hole with Holo / Holochain. I deeply believe in the mutual credit principles that are the foundation of the technology.

We just launched Giverrang this month. Who knows where it will go, but I’m keeping my :crossed_fingers: and giving it an honest shot :blush:. I’m keeping an eye on Holochain and rooting it on. If I can generate traction, I’m interested in exploring the potential of building either Giverrang or my next project on it.


I agree with what @WaelAura said – a general base solution to all these problems would be lovely to see. In this case both the needs and offers are an intersection of a particular service during a particular time. I feel like HoloREA will provide a nice foundation for this.


Ahhhh, so heartwarming to see all these familiar names, and so exciting to see completely new names and projects!

I’m Paul, and I fell down the rabbit hole almost two years ago now. Like @marktuff I discovered Holochain through my investigations into mutual credit. (Giverrang sounds like a very cool project; I love these creative ways of Trojan-horsing mutual credit into the real world.) During that time I became an unofficial ‘explainer of things on Mattermost’, and last June it became official when I joined the team.

Now I help developers understand and use Holochain. I’ll be here on the forum with @dhtnetwork, @freesig, various team members, and community members to answer questions, investigate bugs, and stimulate conversation. I’m also working on documentation, so expect to see more educational resources from us soon!

When I’m not Holochaining I garden with my family in a farm town in western Canada. My kids regularly steal vegetables out of the garden to eat. It’s a pretty nice life. I’m also helping to get an affordable housing project and community garden off the ground.


Hi! I’m Alex, or @alexrollin, and I build for web, mobile, and Holochain.


Hey all!

I’m Viktor and I live in rural Sweden (kinda). I found the Metacurrency project a while back after being mentally unlocked by reading Bernard Lietaers books. Sooo looking forward to having simple and integrative tools to play with currencies :heart:

I’ve spent the last 5 years or so immersed in soil science, fungi, regenerative agriculture and permaculture. Currently super excited by seaweed, biochar and composting!

Right now doing lots of work in intersections of food systems, self-management and learning. Open distributive business models too. Hope to meet some of you in Prague soon!


Hi! I’ve started working a little towards having a Meetup I Malmö this fall. Do you know more people in CPH that are interested?

Alex! Its all because of you! So long time didnt meet … you said to me 15 years ago: Go open with the chaos … and here we where it brought me to :slight_smile: please check my into!! I didnt see yours yet to know what you are at these days.