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I’m Jacob, I’m interested in developing interconnected FHIR-powered EHR microservices with Holo. I work in healthcare data analytics in Texas.


Hi team! I’m John from Scotland & enjoy following new tech. Came across Holo last year, the concept of P2p decentralised Internet captured my interest. HOT was my first experience of crypto but I felt strongly that this was a project worth investing in with a trustworthy dev group. Such a great community and I have discussed many a random idea or hypertheical app, love the chats and learning all the time. :+1: Congrats on the forum!


@sidsthalekar very cool, I appreciate the big thinking! Thanks for sharing!

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I’m Bob Haugen, I live in the Driftless area, and I am helping with the HoloREA project.


Hi @pauldaoust, that mutual credit hole is mighty deep when you go down it, and there’s no turning back! :star_struck:

Ha, loved the Trojan :horse: analogy :grin: and thank you for the kind words on my project.

Your life sounds quite divine. It seems like a lot of us have mutual interest in good clean food, and equitable systems. I too helped crowdfund a community garden here in Connecticut, USA, and I consult for a nonprofit whose mission is to end homelessness and expand affordable housing in our state. Best of luck to your projects!


Welcome Art. Good to see you here!

Merhaba, ben Fero. Formu keşfedip yeni bilgi ve arkadaşlıklar için buradayım.

Hi Brooks! One of the things we really excited about is that this forum is google searchable so it makes it easier for folks to get answers from good previous conversations.


@gornycreative Jacob! Very cool… I attended a little presentation by Steve Melville aka evomimic last year where he outlined a plan for something called Holo-Health. I believe he was working alone, without funding, and on the side of his main full-time job, so not sure if he’s made much progress since then. But he had planned for it to be FHIR-powered.

Hi from France! I am Ludo , I also go as ReversedK. I wrote the HoloJS library (check it out on my github and feel free to participate). Excited to see everyone in here


Hi, I am Kevin or @4eek from Cape Town, South Africa. Longtime Holochain admirer/lurker hoping to get more involved. Good to be here!


Hi! :raised_hands:

I’m Michael Goldman aka @pythagorean and I’m the developer of Coolcats2 which is a Rust port of the Clutter app for Holochain. I’m looking forward to building social networking components that enable replacement of centralized services and use of gratitude flow notes: registered thanks that can be redeemed by third parties for goods and services.


Hi Rick here @freegold new to the forum and love the idea of holo chain. Will learn as I go :slight_smile:

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Where abouts in Indonesia? I’m currently based in Bali. :grin:

Wow Bali… hopefully one day i can visit Bali… i am from Batam :grin:

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Hey everyone, nickp here from mattermost. My holochain projects are at https://github.com/vanarchist. Haven’t had much time to work on stuff lately due to starting a new job at Cornell and moving, etc. If anyone is interested in forming a Cornell or Ithaca Holochain group, let me know. Should be getting back into things shortly.


I also got “mentally unlocked” from the current economic system via “Bernard Lietaers” books and the documentary call The Money Fix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwmM5Nb6hiE


Hi Peeps,

I first discovered Holochain around March 2018 about the time or just before the indiegogo campaign and was blown away with what I found, I knew then that my nextgen game Our World would be built on this tech. I actually already had visions of the architecture it would be built on many years earlier, it would be a de-centralised distributed network where resources could be shared between the nodes so the nodes that were less powerful could use the spare resources of more powerful nodes so as you can see Holochain was a perfect fit! :slight_smile:

I later read the book Ready Player One and again was blown away by how close the OASIS featured in it was to Our World, which is why I always say that it is the closest thing to what I envision to give people an idea of what Our World is… :wink:

It is waaaaaaaaaaaay more than just a game, it is a next-gen social network, operating system, ecosystem, asset store, platform, virtual e-commerce and sooooo much more, it really has never been done before and is light years ahead of everything else, I am a visionary and I see a looooooooooong way into the future! :wink:

When I first started getting visions for this over 7 years ago the hardware didn’t exist to build it but now it is getting closer…

Our World is an exciting immersive next generation 3D XR/IR (Infinite Reality) educational game/platform/social network/ecosystem teaching people on how to look after themselves, each other and the planet using the latest cutting-edge technology. It teaches people the importance of real-life face to face connections with human beings and encourages them to get out into nature using Augmented Reality similar to Pokémon Go but on a much more evolved scale. This is our flagship product and is our top priority due to the massive positive impact it will make upon the world…

It is the XR/IR Gamification layer of the new interplanetary operation system, which is being built by the elite technical wizards stationed around the world. This will one day replace the current tech giants such as Google, FaceBook, etc and act as the technical layer of the New Earth, which is birthing now. It is a 5th dimensional and ascension training platform, teaching people vital life lessons as well as acting as a real-time simulation of the real world.

Our World is like a XR Unified Interface into all of these hApps (this is the Operating System part of it), it’s a bit like the XR UI front-end to Holochain where you can view and launch any apps from inside it but they integrate much more deeper than that through the OASIS API/Profile/Avatar/Karma system where they all share the central avatar/profile and can all add/subtract the profiles/avatars karma.

Read more on our part of the forum here:

As part of this work we have developed a .NET client to talk to holochain called HoloNET, which also enabled Holochain to talk to Unity (what Our World is written in). HoloNET & HoloUnity have been gifted forward to this wonderful community, in the hope it will attract the much needed devs/resources we need for this vital project for humanity… :slight_smile:

We are looking for devs to help so if this interests you, we would :heart: to hear from you… :slight_smile:

We also plan to develop a .NET HDK soon and are also looking for help with this too… :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing you all soon… :slight_smile:

Much love, light & hope,
David. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::pray::pray::pray:


i’m dave

working on holochain core and holonix

this thread is awesome! :smiley:


Good morning, @Rob here from California. Excited to be here and very interested in how Holochain can be used to develop a currency based on service to others.