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Let me help you on that. It’s Turkish, and Google translated it out of context. Talip is his name, Akbaba is surname which refers to “vulture the bird”.

From your http://www.raiturk.com/en/

How Holo team get developers’ ID?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is compulsory for all hApp developers (not users). If you want to develop hApp on Holo network, you have to share your ID with team. Why? Because governments would say “there are illegal contents on Holo network so i will shut down Holo”.

Utterly ridiculous! KYC is for hosts, not developers. You shouldn’t be spreading this nonsense in the name of the Holo team! Plus as an act of commandment, a developer holds no responsibility for the use that people make of his/her creation. It’s written in the American legislation.

Holo team is aware of this even if their ultimate goal is full decentralization. They don’t want to encounter with governments in the way of decentralization unless they gain sufficient power.

Hahahaha! They’re all a bunch of pussycats, no?

Even if “romantic decentralists” aren’t pleased, I strongly believe that this strategy is the right one.

Yeah, right. we “romantic decentralists” are not at all pleased by Holo. But still, I’m pretty darn sure KYC is for hosts, not developers. AM I RIGHT? @artbrock

Hi mate, If I’m wrong, I’m just wrong. You don’t need to be rude. And I have no title that shows I’m talking in the name of Holo team. I’ve never said anything like that. It’s my personal website, and it contains personal opinions. It’s natural to have some wrong views or information. So if there are some errors, I proud of correcting it.

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I meant the American constitution; so silly of me to confuse those two words!

Oh no, I didn’t mean to be rude or anything; I’m not a native English speaker, so don’t know what sounds rude in this language and what doesn’t. [Haha! Never mind!]

As for the “legality of content”, basically, a bunch of white-collar idiots make rules for what counts as legal and what doesn’t, and the rest of the fools (the mob, the citizens, whatever you call it) abide by them! How funny, no?

As for liability, it rests with the one who’s found in the possession of the said illegal content. In the case of Holo, it’s Holo who holds and hosts the content, so they’re liable for all legal charges. They must stop providing hosting services for such apps, lest they lose their business. [Which, in a scenario of total decentralization of Holo, would likely be evadable; I’m not suggesting that hosts should evade liability with regards to the said matter…]

It’s a liability that I believe they’re well aware of. However, knowing the developer would serve no purpose with regard to this specific case, whatsoever.

Still, you could be right; the Holo team is known for making arbitrary choices! Haha!

If your intent was totally innocent, no problem. Sorry for that I misunderstood you.

I totally agree with you. A group of “elites” decide whether something is legal or not. Holo is the first step to take them down and give the power back to the crowd. But it’s just first step. So it needs to comply with regulations even don’t believe them. It’s a reality of today. Holo could change it to reach a true decentralization. Until that they, Holo should have a power to shut down the apps that are considered “illegal”.

I accept that it’s a necessity to create a semi-centralized structure but it makes me worry as well. What if Holo would not want to lose that power. It’s obvious that power corrupts. We will see.

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Good morning all,

My name is Eric Fritzley. I am quite interested in learning about the Holochain project. I’m an application engineer and budding entrepreneur. I graduated from University of Waterloo (Canada) in Computer Engineering (same place Vitalik Buterin dropped out of) and spent the formative years of my career working in personal information management at BlackBerry where I pushed a framework called DataGraph. Recently, I’ve spent much time building a generalized structured information framework (Postgres, GraphQL, React) that offers low latency retrieval of data because the data is cached in a number of ways. My vision has always been to offer decentralized storage to end users as an option. I thought I may have to build this layer myself but it looks like you have already done some amazing work in this area.

I’ve opened a question about conductor libraries here: Conductor Library Roadmap

Looking forward to digging in.



Welcome, Eric, you’re in great Eric company here :wink: cc @bear @zippy (and a couple others)

What’s that generalized structured information framework you’re talking about? Sounds very interesting!

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Over the years, I’ve built many UIs. At the core, each system is incredibly similar. Data should be sharable, permissioned, searchable, orderable, linkable, and listable. Currently, the source of truth is a postgresql db. Most data is stored in tables as well as as noSQL-like blobs to accomplish all goals. Data is accessed through GraphQL. The front end has all the corresponding tools to handle lists, handle reordering of lists, handle spatial organization, handle sharing, and handle data authorization. This was phase one. Forming an entire suite of connected applications on top of this framework is the next step. Adding options for decentralized storage and local algorithmic data processing are further steps in the vision.

Hi everyone,
I’m new here and have set up my Holo Host box to participate in the launch of this project that I have been watching from the sidelines after buying HOT tokens 2 years ago.
I’m trying to read, watch and learn everything I can to be a valuable member of the community.
Not a DEV but am intrigued by the technology.
look forward to interacting with those that are keen to teach an old man some new tricks.


Hello, my name is Jeanine Beverly and I actually have a masters in social work and have a huge interest in making an app that is also geared towards Information and Resource services. I am looking to make an app to help network mental health non-profits and doctors offices and would love to know if Holochain would be a good addition as a way to secure client data safely. I am kind of new to understanding crypto but I am looking for an easy to use safe way to keep client data secure and HIPPA compliant.
Is there anyone here I can speak to about this ongoing project? I have a very small team already and we have most of the coding and some UI done and I have worked within a Government setting already and once finished they agreed to do a Government contract here in the United States / Oregon.
I just need more resources myself and also I need to network more to understand how to go about this whole process.

I would love to pick some brains about my company and also meet some fellow holochain investors / potential hosters!


I am excited about this token and cant wait to purchase some.

Hej Johan!

Viktor heter jag från mitt i Skåne! Kul med fler lokala intresserade. Jag kan snacka non-techie stuff om du är sugen på det. Har hackat på Holochain i ett par år nu så jag kan prata den delen med om det känns pepp :slight_smile:

Kul! Jag kontaktar dig därborta på nätverket vars namn inte får nämnas

Tom from New York here. Very excited to be connected in this forum. Looking forward to learning, sharing and meeting other like minded people who are embracing this new technology.


Welcome @Holotom1234! Have fun cruising around to see all the resources and projects! Do reach out to ask questions and get involved when you are ready…it’s much more fun that way!

Enjoy the journey!
:blossom: :hibiscus: :cherry_blossom:

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Thanks Anita
Excited to join and learn all about holochain

Hi from Paris,
I’m here because:

  • I own some HOT
  • I have a Holoport
  • I plugged it in
  • it makes a pretty light
  • and that’s it, I don’t know anything about IT or programming

Eager to understand something !


Welcome! Have you already joined https://forum.holo.host/?

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@nancepavrai, welcome!

You may very well want to move over to the HoloForum (forum.holo.host)to connect with other hosts. Plus, come join us in testing Elemental Chat! It’s really fun to see Holochain at work! If you can’t access your invite to the HoloForum, ask for help at [email protected]

I, too, am not a developer or IT person, so I just check into the HolochainForum occasionally. There’s so much to learn!

Hope to see you in Elemental Chat!

Welcome @Holotom1234!

Here’s a link to the NYC Meetup page…there haven’t been any events recently for obvious reasons, but the organizers are still involved and I imagine they will hold local stuff in the future :slight_smile: