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Welcome! Introduce Yourself

Welcome, John!
It looks like you have a lot to offer, and the questions will be fantastic!

I’m not one of the techie folks; I love to see what I learn over here at the HolochainForum. I mostly spend time at the HoloForum. As you explore here, you’ll discover where you have passion to play and create. Have a GREAT TIME! We’re on a grand journey, and I’m so glad you can join us!


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I have seen this Link : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GTB6xNcj1ig
and here i am…just to encourage what appears to me as a great adventure for all, best wishes for all développers, world is lucky to have so beautiful idea !
I am just discovering the concept, thanks for the share

Anne from France


Bienvenue @Anne,

Thanks for sharing the talk with Jean François.

warm wishes


Hi everyone, I’m Peter, nice to connect here with folk.

I’m working on several projects, maybe some of them join up with work you are doing.

To be brief:

Business Incubator - based on Impact, Sustainability and Growth, and doing good - see my pinned tweet on Twitter, #innov8tor3, and I should mention my focus on Regenerative Agriculture. I’m always happy to discuss projects with connections.

I’m also co founder on a cloud based learning platform, plus working with a team on Mutual Credit Services including Offers and Needs Marketplaces. This MCS team includes Matthew Slater and others with strong connections with Credit Commons work.

People I know include @pauldaoust, @LifeSMyth and of course Art, how I first heard of Holochain.


Hi, Peter! Great to have you here. Excited for what you bring with you re: your real-world experience with business, and the mutual credit stuff you’re working on now.

You might be interested in connecting with @lynnfoster, @bhaugen, and @pospi, who are working on a toolkit for open-supply-network accounting. You recognise @kerrgreg from Twitter too, I’m sure. I’d say @mwl is also somewhat familiar with mutual credit (being the creator of the LETS community currency). @matslats is here too. Anybody I’ve missed?

(For context, Peter has been chatting with me, @LifeSMyth, @dilgreen, @Dave, and a few others on Twitter about various interesting projects. A couple of us were finding the conversation a bit noisy, because Twitter is great for weaving connections in public but terrible for having actionable conversations. So I invited them to the forum!)


I’m Victor and I’m hailing from my ~basement-office~ er, secret-lab in Toronto. Been a keen observer for a while, and I like what I see so far. So hello, and nice to meet y’all :slight_smile:

I’m passionate about making a better world for my kids (and yours, too,) which right now includes mostly uphill battles - climate-change-pollution-biodiversity, the psychological and sociological effects of rapidly-evolving technology, and helping to create/foster/promote a tyranny-resistant tech infrastructure.

On the sunny-side of things, I’ve also got an (almost complete) degree in psychology and cognitive-science, and am passionately-curious about the potentials of technology to assist humans embrace the human-condition, and flourish - alone, in a tandem, and as a society.

Happy to be here!


Hi, I’m Grant. I have installed my holoport on my work computer, but have since brought it home. Do I have to re set up and start again with new keys etc.
Thanks, Grant

HI @Grant! You should be able to plug your Holoport in anywhere and have it work fine. Unless there have been changes to the alpha testing setup since you unplugged it.
The best place for Holoport conversations is over at forum.holo.host That’s where you will get updates for alpha testing and open alpha status.

Hi! My name is Xavier and I am a developer. I know java, js, dart, sql and html. I was thinking that maybe would be possible to implement systems with a flutter frontend and a decentralized holo backend, but I do not really know if that is possible. I am just starting to know holochain.

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Hi, my name is Steve… you can call me TJ… I would love to learn and know more about this holo chain… Thanks

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Hey Xavier, welcome to the community! I don’t have a good answer to your question, but once we’re out of the holidays I’m sure someone else will. :wink:

Hey TJ, what’s up!

Are you aware of https://developer.holochain.org?

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Greetings: I represent Duquel Industries. I was invited by the support team after asking weather holo chain could be adapted to run on FPGAs so that it could create a super computer. I hope you’re willing to partner with us, what you’ve created can make us all very wealthy.

Hi @Grant have you got your HoloPort working? The best place to talk about hosting is in the Holo Forum.
Warm wishes


Hello Everyone!!!

I’ve been investing in $HOT since 2018 and really believe in Holochain. I just bought my first Holoport+ and super excited to become a host and start earning Holofuel.

If anyone has any advice or feedback as first time Holoport+ user, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Look forward to interacting with you all!!



Hi Austin,

Welcome aboard! We have two spaces for the community. The Holochain Forum is focused on developing solutions in Holochain and the Holo Forum is where you’ll find hosting themes and support to your HoloPort.

Great to have you with us.

Warm wishes


Thanks Lucas!

Happy to be apart of this!


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Hello everyone !,

I’m ertan . I’m just a crypto currency enthusiast and a software engineer. And I love the principles of holochain that’s why we all here huh ?

I live in Turkey and I’m 25 .

Happy to help out however I can !


Welcome aboard Ertan!

Hello Party people!!!

first of all I have to say… your idea is… maybe…not new…but… it is amazing :slight_smile: i am totally with you! second is… I am not a good programmer… to be honest I can’t use excel very well %) but hey people, I will be there, or here for you. Can’t get you project out of my head for two days… Yesterday came a little idea in my little brain :slight_smile: you should start this project on a island, I don’t know, something like Malta, Sicily, or where do you come from, I remember Gibraltar, not sure. If it’s run there and people see it is possible… They want it. Love you all, God bless you all. Your new friend derain from germany