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Ok so here is my proposal for a Happ that I would like to see come to life

Description: an interface through which you can discover services and crafts offered in your area DIRECTLY from people living in your area or from your neighbours.
Enable sharing and exchange of various resources (tools, homegrown food, expertise or rides to town) between neighbours and wider communities.

1) Carpooling
Nontaxi ridesharing apps have been tried in the past but I think this approach has a better chance of being adopted if built as a Happ, being an open protocol / collectively owned app instead of being corporately ownned, and combined with other options and services plus possible network effects of the Holochain ecosystem.
The main goal is to see much less cars that have only one person inside and try to reduce traffic in the city.
This part of the Happ should be able to compare routes, pair users with very simillar routes of daily commute and put them in cars together, based on the route they take plus other preferences or set (reputation) filters. This should ideally enable them to drive together in one car instead of driving separately in two or three cars while saving 1/2 or 2/3 of the gas they would burn through when driving alone. There are many options and sophisticated ways to do this… I need deep discussion : )

2) other resource sharing
This part enables people to share /offer their services or their craft , their home products and abilities or expertise, or other resources as unused tools etc. While using the same UI and maps.

A good reputation system should be in place for situations when borrowed goods would get damaged or lost or promised services undelivered or underperformed etc.

It would make sense to also include openbazaar in this if possible.

I would also like to see a section called “Zone without money” inspired by our local event that happens twice a year where people exchange stuff that they dont need or just let it there for less fortunate people to take. The downside to this is that the organiser is often left with many things that did not find a new owner and has to distribute them to childrens homes and to shelter for the homeless or sadly throw them into thrash.
If made as an app where people agree what they exchange with who and meet personally to do so there wont be any trouble with unclaimed goods and people with less income could still be helped and useful goods spared from the trash. Also this can help eradicate people that take away too much stuff for themselves when free stuff is available all at once in one place.

Users should also be able to choose to donate directly to homeless shelters which should be encouraged to have their user profiles in this system or be represented in some more visible way for free.

Another goal is to try to better the relationships between neighbours through using this Happ.
Any ideas on how to make this a playful and pleasant experience ?

3) Delivery
Users of this local exchange system can also create delivery orders for existing local bicycle delivery services, or for people that just are out of work and have spare time, a bicycle or a scoter and can deliver goods for users of this Happ.

I have it thought out and writen down in more detail but it is already a long read and would take up too much space here : )

Similar app or site: if Greenriders had a baby with Gojek in a distributed fashion…

Team Size: 1

Resources: no repo for now

I am at…: Concept formulated, but needs polishing and figuring out more tech details.

Design and implementation: I think that there is no better pattern to build this by than Holochain :slight_smile: I need to test or adjust the viability, then design & implement the app

Fundraising: I need to brainstorm the possible business models and overall viability of this with at least two other people before we even start to think about fundraising.

Skills: Understanding of a lot of tech but only sometimes involved in coding.

  • Holochain knowledge: Very good conceptual understanding of Holochain, but still not a friend with coding.

  • UI/UX: Adobe Illustrator (7) WP (6) Photoshop (4) Lightroom (6)

Commitment: 10 hours a week for now

What do I need:

  • a committed team :))
  • for now at least one or two, ideally technically able, people to look at the viability of these ideas with me and then to build a test or mvp…?
  • too many modules to list here :))

Thanks for reading


@Anton I love your idea and I think it will work in the future of social networking.

do you know https://nebenan.de/? it is german application and famous here, I see a lot of similarity here. I have this app on my mobile. I can explain some features of this app if you would like.

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It looks simmilar but not exactly what I would like to achieve, and lacks the carpooling part for which I have specific and quite nice ideas… But I will take a better look at their page.
Thanks for the link !

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Updated the description a bit

I just realised that the 100 happs rally is perhaps : )) more about microservices than whole visions. And in Holochain its also mostly about letting the ecosystem decide how its users want to tie these services together into a useful whole, right…?

Then I should maybe focus on the carpooling part only for now and specifically on the process of pairing people with similar daily routes and how to record and compare these routes.
And if or how can the handling of personal gps data (and other preferences) of many users be done in a distributed way.

But still every part of my whole idea interests me and I would like to contribute to something like this coming to life, doesnt matter if solely through the effort of me and my team or by various other projects creating modules that could be used in this. But I want to make sure that I will be part of the creative process, doesnt matter in what form or structure : )

Are any of you reading this interested in other microservices that need to exist for something like Shareful to be possible ? Or already building something that you could see as a part of this…?


ps. Am I mistaken or does it work so that - for example if I use the reputation mechanisms/module from Sacred Capital in my app, then Sacred Capital also benefits in form of new users…? And vice versa in some cases? Like if I use a persona happ / module in my happ and everyone who creates a new profile through persona can then directly access every app in which “personas” is used as a module (for example by signing up in this “personas” happ I am automatically also gaining accesss to sacred capital, shareful… and every other app that “personas” is used in…? I think I have some discrepancies in the understanding of the architecture still…

Or do I mix the two different categories of Happs and modules (zomes?)
What am I missing here? - would whole HAPPS be useable as plugins for other HAPPS, or is it ZOMES that are the modules?

It seems that I am not good at short posts :flushed:

Thanks for reading


Hi @Anton in general yes :slight_smile: this kind of reusability is one of the most exciting things around holochain architecture for me. It all depends on how you structure your applications.

Mainly, zomes are the modules, and DNAs are more about access control. If you want to dig deeper into this, I recommend very much the recording of the last hackalong.

About the sharing services you’d want to build, @ViktorZaunders was working on a book-sharing application here: https://github.com/zaunders/MailBoox-SymCode. There is some good initial design and insights put in that project but I don’t know if it’s being worked on.


Totally with you on reusability and microserices @Anton

MailBoox is getting sadly neglected, but it will be online one day, probably before we know it! :slight_smile:

I also see massive need for a logistics module. I mean a carsharing thingy can be I want to go from location a to location b. But the same thing can be used for this package needs to go from location a to location b, and if we can swing by location c and take another package to location d on the same route that would be just awesome.

Micropayments automatic would be so freeggin great with that. This is a MAJOR need for Shiro to be really functional so if this work can be done so that it works for packages and people both, then I’d be ecstatic! :slight_smile:


Exactly! That is what I was thinking about, that a distributed delivery service can be built later on these same modules. I like Mailboox and would be happy to see people use it, even where I live.

It would be nice to work together on an interface where these “physical stuff sharing” functions can be integrated side by side.

DNAs are about access control - thanks for explaining it in this way now it is clearer.
Thanks for the links : )

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Hay @Anton We at The BUZZAFULL project would love to get in touch with you and talk about collaboration. If you have element(riot) my handle is @1eyejack:matrix.org if you can get in touch I can pass you on to my college who would love a chat

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