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Fluffy Clouds: Kitchen

Team Size: 1

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Description: Cloud Kitchen is a concept that I first heard of in this podcast. The basic idea is that there can be kitchens that do not have any serving space, but still want to deliver prepared food straight to people. They can do that and I use any delivery service providers available.

What is needed is a way to create and handle food orders and a way for someone to accept a delivery task and get compensated for that. Smart logic to bundle tasks would be very useful.

Reputational vetting of delivery services and kitchens seem like useful things.

To replace UberEats, Feodora, … in a time when people really, really want to get food delivered straight to the doorstep. Also app can be bridged/bundled for regular foodstuffs delivery at the same time.

Fully distributed, no meddling, approach to food delivery services.

Resources: Just came together now, no further docs created yet

Similar app or site: Cloud kitchen, Feodora, UberEats

I am at…: Ideated just now, see as massive need, Holochain fully fits the bill. Would love to host a design session on to create early schematics and considerations.

Skills: list any skills that are needed for your project. Includes technical (languages, technologies) and not-so-technical (fund raising, community outreach). Rate your team proficiency from 0 - 10 for each skill

  • Design: 8
  • HC code: 5
  • Front end: 2
  • UX: 3
  • Community outreach (tester kitchens): 8

Commitment: Right now I would commit to a few design sessions to see where interest is at.

What do I need: Design help, front end, back end help, UX help, Payments integration help (general MC or HoloFuel), Kickstart/funding.


Possible app name: Cornucopia


Viktor this is such a cool idea! I’d loveeee to see this happen!

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Have you seen how gojek works?

This would have a better chance of adoption if also combined with other services
(it is what i am aiming for with Shareful)
We want to do very similar things, so lets add eachother to our teams :smiley: @ViktorZaunders !


A friend of mine converted his restaurant in Austin, Texas into a cloud kitchen due to the corona lockdowns. I might be able to bring in his expertise or at least perspective on what somebody who operates these actually needs and wants.

The restaurant: https://comedortx.com/

The cloud kitchen: https://assembly.kitchen/


Great, I have mostly rural experience from a restaurant around here that does the same thing. But would love more stories and input.

Wow, yeah that is all over logistics isnt it :slight_smile: Feels like there are some modules to break all this stuff into.

Yes, unfortunatly I missed (but will look at) the conversation around modularity, because I feel like logistics modules are so crucial to any app that is going to deal with local commerce. Perhaps let’s start with a design session on what our different apps need from such a module so see if we can get specs up for these?

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Ok lets find a date for the design session, sounds good!