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The WE Project, a Planetary Sharing Platform for All

Team Size: 3 to 10, but ready to grow

Description: A Planetary Sharing Platform for All, capable of giving to anyone the possibility to share (in old terms: buy, sell, exchange) knowledge, goods, commodities, work (sweat equity) with The Law of One as the Primus Motor of the whole Project, thus for the Greater Good of All of Us. The range of operation is very wide: Energy, Healthy Food, Health products, Housing, Economy (micro-loans, negative or zero interest operations), Education, just to name the biggest points…

Resources: The idea is layed down at https://we.darioandreella.com waiting to be migrated and implemented in part or completely to and with Holochain technology.

Similar app or site: Not aware of anything similar, come and join the human revolution!

I am at…: Proof of concept & Further Development

Skills: The project is and will be Community owned and driven. So what ever contribution is apreciated. Tech skills for the creation of the app/platform first: Rust/C++/NodeJS

Commitment: the project has different phases. The idea and the Content is ready, the Exchange platform (crypto+barter+token) and the Integration between the Content, the Exchange and the Communication parts must be implemented.

What do I need: People seeing the importance of the idea and willing to contribute doing something for our future, rather than sitting and waiting for the “good guys” to save us. WE can be the good guys!


Dario @alu welcome to the forum it would be helpful if you can “Introduce yourself” on the #welcome thread for others to learn more about you.

I am already intrigued about the broad scope of this project. Here is my humble attempt to add more fodder “Food For Thought” to already fertile mind…

TheAhimsaCoinEconomy from the book CarbonYoga
DomeGaia aircrete dome building workshop

AhimsaCoin is a Universal Basic Income (UBI) framework which connects Coin Issuance directly with surface area productivity of Earth, with an understanding that half of the Earth has to be returned to wilderness as part of half-Earth solution to ensure wildlife can adapt to changing climate.

DomeGaia uses aircrete which reduces amount of cement that gets used, while providing very high insulating material that can be cut into pieces with a saw.

Hi Arybhatta,
very interesting ideas.

I am not a believer in the climate policy going on now, that has very different (more or less hidden) outcomes. But I am off course 100% for a cleaner and less impactful way to deal with our planet, and any way to get better would be helpful.

I know quite well the AirCrete, I have been messing around with it some time ago, and when I say “Housing” in the description of the WE Project, I think in fact pretty much of domes and 3D printed solutions, that are araising now in different versions. So, again, yes, we are talking the same language, in nicely different accents.

Will be very happy to chat ang go deeper, I think there is a quite big need to join and get together, rather than compete (an other aspect that we tried to outline in the WE Project).

Hope to hear from you and other good souls!

All the best

Hey @Aryabhatta,
I spend some time around the forum and can see that my approach here with the Project presentation is slightly off.

The idea is there, but the aim here is really to gather people, developers, help. And I am afraid I did not make it clear.

An other thing: the WE Project works probably more as a hub of hApps then a single one, or eventually yes a hApp that uses several hApps or modules (currency, tokenization, geolocation based connection of users, energy and so on). I can see that there are already some projects covering, or on their way to cover some of these aspects, and off course it would be great to put things together rather then to reinvent the wheel.

Could you help me out a bit adjusting the aim here? Should I maybe re-do the entry?

Last question: as a user, I am very interested into learning, even basics from zero. Where would be the right place to start? I like the Holochain concept more and more while I explore it, so I would be happy to invest time and energy learning and getting deeper.

Cheers and thank you!

Hey @alu,

I am inviting you to come to Virtual Hacklong that we are holding every week. It is highly tech meeting with deep discussion about projects and supporting hApp creators regarding to Proof of Concept, Design, Architect and implementation.


Hey @hedayat!
Thanks for the invitation, it sounds in fact what is reasonable for me to do.
How to get more details about how/when and so on?
Eventually feel free to go PM.
Thank you very much!

@alu “hub of hApps” something like:

Did you check out the Tutorials?

#events:virtual-hackalong happen on Wednesdays in Morning and Evening within the #events:virtual-hackalong they post zoom links with their recordings.

Thanks @Aryabhatta,
it is a great source, I am right into it!! :sunglasses:

But what I mean with “hub” rather than a physical way to put some things together is, to get many of the already present or in-development projects to be integrated into a larger vision, I am sure that if you read what I wrote here you should get the point.
If you do not get the point, it is clearly my fault and I need to find out a better way. The idea and the project are big, maybe bigger than what I can yet express, that’s why it is also not obvious to be able to get the concept through in its full power.

Hey :slight_smile:
You already know that I have a similar idea, posting here just because I want to link these two threads WE_Share / Shareful

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Hi mate, We at the BUZZAFULL project love your idea and would love to talk with you more.

whats the best way to get in contact?

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I find it ironic that the book “CarbonYoga” which mentions Carroll Quigley by name proceeds not to question the agendas of veganism, population control, or climate change - all of which have their roots in think tanks and the eugenics movement. The history of which Carroll Quigley is famous for writing about. AhimsaCoin, with its decreasing value per capita as the population grows, would be “austerity by design”.

I’m all for harmony with the Earth and finding ways to be less impactful, but I think it’s very important to do so in a compassionate way. I’m cautious and skeptical about new economic systems which may seem virtuous on the surface, but could carry grave consequences if implemented without critical thought and compassion.

This interview with James Corbett talks about the origins of the population control agenda in more detail for those who are interested.

Also see Meet Carroll Quigley, which examines the history of the Milner Group which birthed the now infamous World Economic Forum.

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