Hi all, on behalf of my team I would like to introduce our project to the Holochain community. To contact us further please visit our site and register. This will be sent to our spokesperson who will then be able to get back to you and have a chat. Our team is super excited to share this wonderful idea that has been in the making for a very long time. We are also super excited to have stumbled to Holochain and cant wait to see where the future will take us. Hi and welcome everyone to our hive we call Buzzafull.


Enabling the revealing and tapping of the practical wisdom, life experience and competences held within common folk, the Folk-Commons, the Common Wealth of the Community.

In a world where problematic elements lurk, the App seamlessly allows the tapping of this Common Wealth for individual, communal and collective benefit without placing anyone at risk. It follows the rumors networks long in use in SE Asia where everyone benefits and no one is betrayed.

The aim with Buzzafull is to produce an app built on Holochain. This app will be somewhat of a Community-base market place. It will be set up using a mutual credit and barter system (at the present time we are using This market place would be aimed and not only trading, buying, selling products but also sharing knowledge peer to peer in a mutual payment agreement. It will be a place where individuals and communities can make there dreams, projects, ideas come to life, and ask for help from follow like minded people, or from people that can contribute to that project

Team Size:

7+ and growing, the more people we can get to contribute the faster we can get this project out there.


Our landing site can be found here at Still in production, but best way to contact us.

Stage we are at…:

Proof of concept & Further Development.

Similar app or site:

The “WE PROJECT” being built on Holochain. The WE Project, a Planetary Sharing Platform for All

Accept market place

Lace web

What do we need:

Enthusiastic engaging people, who really want to change the world. If you believe in our project and think you can be of help even if it is contributing a thought, advice, or wishing us luck. Please speak up and say hi. We want people to join our Hive and feel the same Buzzafull feeling we do when working in our cluster of knowledge and frequency.


The project is community base with people from all walks of life. We need people with a wide range of skills, here is a list of some the skills we need as the current team members are not knowledgeably in these fields:

  1. Programming (Rust, Nodejs, JS, HTML, C, C++)
  2. Artificial or machine learning


The project has 4 Modules, we are in the process of getting the first 3 models up and running to get a testing environment in the real world with model 4 bringing that all over to Holochain.

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