Holochain Forum

Project Template

DISCLAIMER: please create a new topic in the hApp Builders category filling out this template with your project description.

Team Size: number here

list your teammates if they’re on the forum

Description: idea of your project

Resources: where can we get more information? add your repo link, any docs here

Similar app or site: link any similar projects

I am at…: stage of your project

This can be one of the following:
Proof of concept: I need help for proof of concept. I don’t know if holochain is the right tool for my app
Design and implementation: I know that holochain is the right tool for my app and now need to design & implement the app
Fund rasing: I am sure about project, design & implementation are handled, and now need to go further

Skills: list any skills that are needed for your project. Includes technical (languages, technologies) and not-so-technical (fund raising, community outreach). Rate your team proficiency from 0 - 10 for each skill

  • Holochain knowledge:
  • Front-End: React(5), Angular(3), …
  • Back-End: Rust(7), C++(7), NodeJs(4)
  • UI/UX: CSS(3), Photoshop(8)
  • Others: fund raising(10)

Commitment: how much time are you willing to commit for the project

What do I need: what do you need for your project to go further?