100 hApps Rally Announcement...!

Hi everyone!

I would like to introduce you 100 hApps Rally.

While ago some people filled out a hApp Survey Form and kindly shared their Ideas about hApp on Holochain with us.

In fact, the two main reasons for this form were:

1- Sharing knowledge about the best practices and also reusing similar functions, modules or libraries to save energy by stopping double and parallel effort and implementation.

2- Finding all the requirements of projects and discovering the best way to support idea makers and hApp builders.

Then we had a meeting on April 22nd @ 13:00 UTC for getting together and welcoming to all people who filled out the happ survey.

And now I am pleased to introduce you 100 hApp Rally that we are going to run it all together inside community.

How to participate:

  • If you have an Idea for implementing hApp please just create a thread in this category (100 hApp Rally) and please follow the offered format for more readability(template here).

  • Then anybody can discuss, challenge, share knowledge or help you by participating and replying to your thread(your idea).

  • Then you would have a dedicated open window in Virtual Hackalong at a pre-scheduled time. You can talk about your idea and try to reach to the proof of concept, receive advice for best practices, help for design and implement and much more. Even you can request others to join your project if you would like.

  • Then we would create a category for resource that are mainly used by different project so other projects can easily learn how to reuse the modules or libraries in their own project.

  • When we reach to 100 hApp, so what is the next!

Looking forward to see all of you.



I’m excited! I think what would be really helpful for everyone is we compile a list of designs or more specifically “Entry Relationship Diagrams” that have been done for other hApps, so that people can learn from those designs to make their own design.

If we can get to 100 Entry Relationship Diagrams and everyone can make these diagrams I think we will be well on our way to making this a reality and then we can streamline the coding, instead of each of us all individually trying to cover design, setting up dev environment, backend, and front.


I love this idea, I hope all hApp builders @hApp_builders will generate a Diagram and we can share them. It definitely will be helpful as the best practices.

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Here is mine

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Hum in your case I think entry relationship diagram don’t make that much sense since the majority of the entries are private. Maybe in your case it’s best to do some kind of sequence diagram (like this) and then it would detail all the interactions between agents in the mailing process.

Anyway, I think all design diagram would benefit from detailing the schema of the structs. In your case, they only have what’s inside the boxes?

Yes, its also an UML class diagram.
Here are the sequence diagrams: https://hackmd.io/-Y3hW9aqS4SU15OBPfTK1w

Hum yes I see… I don’t know if UML is the best tool to do this though… Since in holochain it’s not the case at all that one entity in UML translates to one entry type, for example in a lot of cases you need an anchor and a content entry type.

Maybe experience will prove me wrong though :slight_smile:

In your case, what is the content of the InAck, OutMail, and OutAck entries? They should have different content to avoid hash collisions right?

@ddd-mtl thank a lot for sharing.
would you just please relocate your diagram and etc… to a stand alone thread in this category? then we can continue talking about that and also others can easily follow and search it much more easier.


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