Introducing the Holochain Virtual Hackalong

Hi everyone!

Let me introduce you to the Holochain Virtual Hackalong (credit to @Joshfairhead for the name :slight_smile: ).

[Update] Time and link to the sessions

See comment below for more explanation.

This will be a weekly event happening on Wednesdays in which all the developers who are interested in designing and building happs get together and team up to develop projects in small sprints (2-3 weeks).

This hackalong will be maintained by the @community_organizers, but we intend for it to be self-organized. You can make proposals about the content and format for the sessions by posting here or bringing them to the hackalong. For starters, we can do break-out rooms with different ideas/project that devs bring to the table.

The first session will be happening on Wednesday 1st of April. If you are interested in attending, it would be very helpful if you could fill out this form. This way we’ll know how many will be attending and which timezone fits best for everyone (or if we are doing two sessions every Wednesday to cover for everyone).

We think it’s a great opportunity to connect, build on each other’s ideas, and learn by doing. Whether you are a newcomer who wants to learn how to develop happs, or you are already running a project, you can join the meeting and share your needs, time and abilities with the community. We will be providing support in case anyone needs it.

We hope that with the COVID situation causing lots of hackathons to be postponing, this can be an opportunity not to lose momentum, and to bring closer the developer community around the globe. And this way we can achieve our goal of having 100 happs running on holochain by the end of 2020!

I think @devcamp6 participants will be very interested in joining this as well.

See you then!


For those that cannot commit to the time but/or would like to watch instead of participate… will there be recording of such sessions?


Yes sure! We will record all the sessions. If there are team specific sessions to coordinate development though, it will be up to them to record. Maybe after the main sessions we can share which projects are being develop so anyone can join them as well?


Nice! :sunglasses: An honour to have those linguistics lifted, just like I did from your homework :stuck_out_tongue: Personally though I’d label this a hAppalong!

  • A) because its a more hAppy name :stuck_out_tongue:
  • B) because hackalongs are generally as agnostic as possible - a meta membrane/meme that could fully embrace hAppalongs (amongst other viable chromosomes) of course though!

@nphias actually wanted a more Holochain specific flavour for the Holonaughts so created this repo. My understanding is that he intends to release some Holochain work (identity stuff) in there I believe… but call it in progress still :stuck_out_tongue:

If people want to make use of the infrastructure and channels we’ve been setting up at - it would be an honour to have people participate and take stewardship :slight_smile: Projects category might be a good spot? There are a few people from various ecosystems starting to do that now which is good, @raphisee is one of the admins from round these parts so anyone that wants to help out please feel free to ping him for extended capabilities! (if he doesn’t respond, you can ping me - I’m just trying to remove myself as a loud voice and bottleneck). This might be a nice holo specific Tele group to reuse for bouncing ideas or pinging eachother?

Re: Virtual breakout rooms we could use or spin up a custom instance/subdomain for this initiative? It was a project by @letourpowerscombine and @geleeroyal, who then helped organise “Intercon” on it to great success! Its basically with a preconfigured room selector… few extra bits like loft radio embeds and discourse…

Re: Covid - there are a number of great use cases that Holochain could really help with as well! Safepaths from MIT is a good example but it needs a larger ecosystem to see ‘viral uptake’ IMO; unfortunately if the solutions are not built bottom up and distributed, we will see top down centralised solutions being mandated. I’d really like to see us avoid such a dystopian scenario!

Anyway, looking forward to getting more involved in this awesome initiative! :))) Theres probably many things to be done so I’ll start by pinging Kay to get an interspace set up going for us :slight_smile:


Maybe Holopalooza :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :metal:


This suggestion is awesome too hahaha!

Looking forward to it.


Great idea, great work, greater than … (I won’t say it here, haha)!


Hi gang,

I did two hackathons on the sustainable development goals and Gamification. I would love to participate.


Sounds great. Our last Meetup here in Melbourne was February and I do need to get the community back to being engaged. Do you have a time of day you were planning? If evening in Europe could be only have appeal to insomniacs here :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone! Sorry for the late reply. It’s great to see so much excitement around this, and in general around holochain hacking.

There are people from all the timezones imaginable wanting to come. So, we will try this: we’ll have two sessions:

Which is fine, since smaller groups might be able to talk and coordinate better in the session itself. We’ll try to coordinate teams and projects behind the scenes.

The goal for this first session is to know and connect with other devs, share ideas and projects that we have in mind or are already coding and hopefully form a team to commit to delivering something, we are going to do a show and tell session on the 15th of April.

We think it’s better to finish small things than to commit to something huge, but this is up to everyone as well. Next week we’ll have a “sprint check-in” kind of thing, but in the meantime we encourage teams to meet in their own time to design and code.

We’ll record the sessions and keep it open, so that other people can come and join any other session if they want to.

Let’s see how this goes, and if something has to change for future sessions we can always shake things up.

Let me know if we can make some changes to improve things for you!

Fins aviat!


Awesome. I plan to join this Wednesday evening! I added it to my calendar and hope to see you there. Will there be a zoom link shared in advance and if so where will I find it? my best email is Please email the link up info.

I’m not ready to start developing just yet, so there may not be a lot of value for me in joining. I’m still trying to find partners to work with and get some buy-in for one of these proposals/ideas, along with a part-time job:


The zoom room will be, it’s on the calendar events. Maybe it’s a bit hidden though :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

I’m looking forward to this hackalong, I’m keen to help and learn on projects, we’ve been working on a multisignature engine in the office, with a react and graphql backend.

You can find the code here: GitHub - sdelvalle57/happs_boilerplate: Boilerplate Holochain Happ with GraphQL Apollo Client-Server model and Typescript

It will be a pretty good boiler plate for people who know react and graphql connected to a holochain/dna/zome backend.

On the hackathon I want to fully understand these connections myself and talk through it with others and then extend this project into any direction people want to take it. :slight_smile:


Asia Pacific VIRTUAL HACKALON SESSION 1 Recording:

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Thanks @ThomasMiller! Just making sure to avoid confusion about timezones, @ScutterJr @sevenshadow @Blooniverse @feamcor , the meeting is 6pm CEST, so in 4h 30 mins. The google calendar event is right, I’ve updated the posts from CET to CEST.

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Can you send a Calendar invite to please

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