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A disruptive global social/blog/news textile industry H/APP called S!MS

The textile industry chain is broken, no fair wages and human rights in textile industry which brands are they? To find out the idea is to create a social/ blog/news h/app where people or even textile industry employees themselves can write articles about brands and vote globaly which brand is good or bad and doesn’t keep they’re promiss. Which appears from all kinds of research.


S!MS = stop! modern slavery


Hi @Rion17
thanks for your sharing. would you please explain more about your happ in detail. If you can also follow the template like others would be much more easier to follow it up.


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Hi, hedayat thank you i will look for it.

Also… fast fashion increases wasting of resources. My feeling is secondhand shops and recycling is not enough. Often collections that are not sold are just sent out to be burned or added to the junkyard.
Its crazy what business practices stem from orientation on purely monetary profit…
Can something be done to counter the pressure of marketing and fashion trends?
Something that could reduce this mess and be trendy as well? :smiley:
Will the whole of humanity be able to make this switch to some fresh new organic economic system? Or are there many more parts of society that need to be updated together with it?
A complete mental overhaul of the whole paradigm maybe ?

Hi Anton, thanks for your response! Globally, there are so many problems around the textile industry chain, the internet, which has a negative impact on market forces and consumer purchasing behavior. Too much to solve all those problems by using the traditional ways. That is why we started the s!ms project and are looking for people who believe in the idea.

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