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Team Size: 1

oguz: @ogu83

Description: A web application that can upload, preview and share photos in holochain.

Resources: https://github.com/ogu83/holochain_photos

Similar app or site: photos.google.com

I am at…
Proof of concept: I need help for proof of concept. I don’t know that holochain is the right tools for my idea. My whole target is store the image files (with different resolution for the same image) in the holoports all around world.

Skills: rate yourself from 0-10

  • Holochain knowledge: I am good at basic simple apps.

  • Front-End: Javascript(10), WPF(10), Silverlight(10), ObjectiveC(10), HTML(10), Kendo(10), Knockout.js(10), Bootstrap(10), WindowsForms(10), GTK(5)

  • Back-End: Python(10), C#(10), Java(5), C++(10), NodeJS(10), Rust(1)


  • 4 hours at the weekends

What do I need:

  • Understand identity management concept in the DNA of Holochain.
  • Understand Role Management
  • Find a optimized way to store files in the DNA.

When uploading big files (photos) like over 2.6MB got he the error:

"Holochain Instance Error: WASM invocation failed: Trap: Trap { kind: TableAccessOutOfBounds }" code: -32602.

I should first find out how to deal with big entities. Maybe chunk file via many entities with same anchor could be the solution or something like that.

@ogu83 It is one of the basic application we really need it. I love it.

Is there any reason to limit your idea and project to image? you can easily target IPFS inside holochain?

I also think so this is a possible solution. Would you like to talk about your app in coming Hackalong next week? we will go into detail for proof of concept and also help you in design and etc…

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Great you may show me how to do that in the hackalong, because I try to convert binary to base 64 strings and try to store them in the DNA. Maybe not a good thing to do at that time marbe worst.

@ogu83 can you please direct me to the hackalong session (#events:virtual-hackalong) where your project was featured? I would like to go over the session recording.

Your project is so interesting and simple, that I created a post in another “Holochain Photos Project” thread without noticing your post under 100hApps Rally section.

I have created a separate thread to see, if community members can help non-developers like myself understand how your code works.